Domainer Required Reading: 100 Great Blog Posts

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Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a master of your domains, you can benefit from the advice of other domainers. Or, you can just see what others are up to. We’ve compiled a list of 100 of the best blog posts on the subject of domaining to help educate, inform, and maybe even entertain you.


Domains used for parking can be a good way to generate a little extra revenue or to direct visitors to your more profitable domain names. Either way, these blog posts can help you make the most of domain parking.

  1. Domain parking still falling, according to survey: This article discusses how domain parking may be a thing of the past and what’s coming next for domainers.
  2. Registrar Ads on “Coming Soon” Pages Need to Be Addressed: Is your registrar taking advantage of your subdomain names to place ads? Read this article from Domain Name Wire on the practice.
  3. Domain Parking Shortcomings: Content: This posting from DomainNameNews talks about how many sites are not looking at the potential for revenue in fully developed sites and are instead taking a short term look at domaining.
  4. Researchers study the “Dark Side of Domain Parking”: “A team of researchers says a number of domain name parking companies are up to no good.”
  5. Avoiding Domain Parking Accidents: Laugh at the mistakes of others in this article from DotSauce all about poorly parked domains and learn how to avoid making the same mistakes yourself.
  6. Is Domain Parking Worthwhile?: While it likely won’t be your main source of income as a domainer, domain parking can bring in some steady revenue. But is all the trouble worth it? Douglas Karr explains his experiences in this blog.
  7. Warning: do you know where your parked domain traffic is going?Zero click traffic may lead to scam and installer sites.
  8. Only One Statistic Matters for Domain Parking“The number that matters is the revenue number. That’s it.”
  9. 5 Ways to Make More Money with Domain Parking: Eight ideas for making more money with your parked domains.

Buying and Selling

Buying and selling domains is what being a domainer is all about. Use some of the advice in these blog posts to maximize your profits and make better investments.

  1. Is Buying Domain Names Profitable?: This posting from Moz discusses the profitability of buying and selling domains.
  2. Domain Investing: What You Can Learn From the Stock Market: Investing in domain names is not much different than investing in anything else, so learn what you can apply from other types of investing to domaining in this post from DomainNameNews.
  3. Selling Domain Names is Back- The Future of Domaining Meets the Past: Should you sell your domain names instead of developing them? This article from Frank Schilling discusses how domaining is becoming a seller’s market.
  4. 8 Tips on How to Sell Your Domain Name: Can’t seem to unload a few of your most desirable domain names? Find out why they might be a hard sell in this article from Flippa.
  5. The Advantage Of Owning Generic Domains: Learn how investing in generic domain names can help you to bring in more revenue than before.
  6. 10 Tips for Investing in Domain Names: Get some basic advice on how you should go about investing in domain names in this posting from DotSauce.
  7. To Succeed, Stick to Your System and Eliminate Emotion: Want to become a domaining legend? Then take some advice from DomainPro on how to stand out in a competitive market.
  8. DomainsBot, How to Find Great Available Domain Names: Finding great domain names doesn’t have to be a painful or particularly time consuming project. This posting from DotSauce explains how you can use DomainsBot to speed the process along.
  9. Domain Name Sales History: If you’re putting some of your domains up on the auction block, it can be helpful to know how much similar sites have sold for. This posting from DomainSherpa discusses various tools that give you the data.
  10. Eleven Steps to Buying a Domain Name that Doesn’t Suck: Don’t get stuck with a bunch of duddy domain names. Use these tips from CNet to help you make a smart purchase.

Value and Appraisal

It can be hard to determine just how much a domain name is actually worth, and depending on who you ask, the results can vary quite a bit. These blog posts can help you figure out just how much you stand to make from selling a domain name.

  1. The Flaws with Domain Appraisals: Confused by the results you’re given by domain appraisals? Find out why they might be off-the-mark and what you should really take into account when estimating domain values in this posting from DNSelect.
  2. How Much is a Three Letter Domain Name Worth?: Three letters aren’t much, but these simple domain names can actually stand to make you something. Learn what to look for in this article from Domain Name Wire.
  3. 5 Best Free Instant Domain Name Appraisal Services: This posting discusses the success of the domaining industry and what factors go into determining whether a domain will be cheap or expensive.
  4. Determining The Value of Your Domain NamesThis article on iGoldRush discusses how to evaluate the value of your domains.
  5. Top 10 Reasons People Overprice Domains: Oftentimes, domain names head off to auction priced at well over what they’re really worth. Find out why this happens in this article by Tyler Cruz.
  6. Best Approach for Appraising Domain Names: Appraising domain names can be tricky, as values often depend heavily on individual circumstances. This posting from Domain Pulse can give you some helpful advice on where to start when appraising your portfolio.
  7. How To Appraise A Domain Name With Online Valuation Tools: This post from DomainSherpa tells you everything you need to know about valuing domain names.
  8. How to Negotiate Domain Name Prices: Don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on getting the names you want? Get some bargaining tips in this article from DomainerPro.
  9. Domain Name Appraisal Scam: Just like the real world, the Internet is full of people who will try to take advantage of you if you’re not careful. Read this article by Jowe Clark to learn how to avoid one particular domain name scam.
  10. What Is My Domain Name Worth?: This blog post from Patrick Burt is for the ultimate newbie to domain appraisal. You’ll find links to several major sites that can help you value your holdings.

For Beginners

Even the best domainers had to start out somewhere. These blog posts can help you get started on the right track and learn a little bit about the industry.

  1. Complete Newbie Guide to Becoming a Domainer: Thinking of becoming a domainer? First read this informative guide for beginners.
  2. Post Penguin 2.0 (4) Link Building – What Links Will Work?: Good links can make a big difference in the success of any site, so learn the basics with this post.
  3. A Beginner’s Guide to Successful Domaining: If you’re just starting out then this post can help you get started.
  4. Internet Marketing Glossary: Sometimes even seasoned professionals get lost in the sea of marketing jargon out there. Use this handy reference guide to translate any terms you might not know.
  5. 10 US Laws Every Domainer Needs to Know: Make sure you’re domaining legally and find out what your legal right are as a domainer in this great article.
  6. Tips for Domain Landing Pages: Landing pages can often make or break a website, so get some tips from Domain Name Wire on how to make yours more profitable.
  7. 10 things you MUST know before you register domain with anyone: Don’t stay in the dark about major domaining issues, check out this post on the facts, realities and future of domaining.
  8. Domainer’s Cheat Sheet: This checklist from DotSauce can help even experienced buyers out there to make better informed domain name purchases.
  9. Do’s and Don’ts of Securing a Domain Name: Going from nothing to being successful in the domaining business is possible. Just check out this posting to see for yourself and get a little inspiration.
  10. Domaining on a Budget: Not everyone is lucky enough to have a substantial chunk of start-up cash lying around. Get some ideas on how to make it without this kind of funding in this blog posting.
  11. Getting started in domaining: Give this article a read if you’re ready to make the leap from domain dabbler to domain professional.
  12. What a Teenager Can Teach You About DomainingThis interesting article proves that pretty much anyone can become a successful domainer.
  13. Top 5 Resources Domain Owners Shouldn’t Live Without: Learn the basic tools you’ll need if you want to start domaining as a business or hobby in this article from DotSauce.
  14. 18 Tools for Picking the Perfect Domain Name: Those just starting out will appreciate this list of domaining tools from Mashable.
  15. How to Become a Successful Domain Investor Today: Think it can’t be done? Read this article to get yourself on the right track to investing in domains.
  16. How to Get Started as a Domainer: 28 Tips, Techniques and Resources: Here you’ll find a helpful post for those who are just starting out, with links to domaining blogs, tips on finding domains to buy, and a list of a few sites that sell domains.

Questionable Practices

While most people run respectable domaining businesses, there will always be some people trying to make a quick buck by engaging in morally questionable practices. Learn how to deal with and protect yourself from these types of domainers.

  1. How To Keep Your Domain Name Searches Safe From Poachers: Is someone watching every domain you search for and reverse engineering online your tactics? It’s entirely possible that they are and are taking your ideas. Learn all about this practice in this article from Daily Domainer.
  2. Typosquatting: What’s the Worst That Can Happen?: Think owning the typo domains to popular sites is entirely safe? This article from Domain Name Wire might make you think about being a little more careful with these kinds of investments.
  3. Meet the ‘Mann’ who registered 14,962 domains in 24 hours: This man snaps up Internet domain names and selling them off to the highest bidder.
  4. Domain Tasting: Hard to Swallow: While it might help to turn a substantial profit, domain tasting is anathema to most people in the domaining business. Learn why in this post.
  5. Domainers are not Cybersquatters: Domainers often unfairly get lumped in with more unsavory online profiteers and this posting takes issue with it.
  6. Domain Name Registrants Shine the Light on Cyberbullies: Read firsthand about the battle between those who see all domainers as cybersquatters and those fighting to maintain the good name of domainers.
  7. The “C” Word Exposed: Cyberbully vs. Cybersquatter: This blog from Rick Schwartz discusses the different attitudes towards land developers and web developers that’s giving domainers a bad name.
  8. What is Typosquatting?: Learn how businesses and domainers are searching for typosquatters.
  9. Domain Tasting is a Despicable Practice: Rick Schwartz really dislikes domain tasting and you’ll understand why after reading this blog posting.
  10. Domain Hijacking: How Thieves Steal Your Online Identity: After reading this article you’ll want to double check your computer to make sure you don’t have any spyware infections that could be siphoning your business.
  11. What is Domain Name Front Running?: This article discusses advisories from the ICANN on the practice known as front running, where domain name search queries are stolen and purchased out from under the originally interested parties.

Making Money

Domaining is an investment, and one that can pay off substantially with the right domain purchases. These blog posts will help you to learn how to make the most from selling and developing your domain names.

  1. Domain Flipping: Buying & Selling Domains: Everyone wants to make a profit at the domaining game, so use this step-by-step approach to domain flipping from Entrepreneurial Insights.
  2. Domain Ads: Twice the Conversion Rate of Search Ads (Case Study): Studies suggest that domaining even with parked content might bring in more buyers, ecommerce or otherwise, than other forms of web entrepreneurship like search ads. Check out this case study to see the results.
  3. Why Cost per Acquisition Is the Only Metric That Really Matters: Don’t let the numbers confuse you when it comes to advertising. This short posting tells you what really matters.
  4. Why Numeric Domain Names Are Worth More Than You Think: How much could a domain like really be worth? Find out with this article from DomainSherpa.
  5. Millionaire Domainers: Need a little inspiration? This blog posting lists all the known domainers who have made it big.
  6. Domain Turf Protection: Learn how to protect your domain investments in this helpful article from Domain Name News.
  7. Monetizing Domain Names of Former Websites Can Be a Challenge: Buying a previously developed domain name with the purpose of using it for yourself can be a bit of an uphill battle, as this blog from Domainer Pro discusses.
  8. Expired Domains, Someone Registered Them for a Reason: If a domain was truly worthless it’s unlikely anyone would have bothered registering it in the first place, so newly expired domains can be a great place to look to make a profit, as this article discusses.
  9. 7 Ways to Become a Domain Mogul and Turn a Profit: Beginners to the domaining game will benefit from checking out these tips on different ways to make money buying, selling and developing domain names.
  10. How To Make Money With Domain Names: This post by Investopedia will give you some sound advice on how to make the big bucks with domain names.
  11. Hit the Jackpot! How to Find Money Making Domains: Quit searching aimlessly for domain names that can bring in some profits and use these tips from Sitepoint to find domain names that will bring in more than a random choice would.
  12. After The Gold Rush: Domain Names Have Lost Their Glitter: Read this cautionary post to make sure you look before you leap.


Staying organized and managing your existing domains is just as important as buying new ones. Take a look at these articles for some helpful advice.

  1. FAQ for Domain-Name Holders: Changing registrars can be a pain, but this article can help you learn the basics for transferring between these two big names.
  2. Preparing Yourself For a Domain Transfer: Getting ready to make a switch? Read this posting first to see how you can prepare yourself.
  3. Domain Names and Tax Accounting: Even domains aren’t safe from the tax man, so learn what you’ll be responsible for paying on your domain holdings.
  4. Best Practices for Corporate Domain Name Management: Managing a business domain account? Learn the ropes of search engine marketing for business-based accounts in this posting from SearchEngineLand.
  5. What’s the Difference Between a Domain Name Transfer and a Push?: Learn the difference in terminology with this posting from Domainer Pro.
  6. Know Who Manages Your Domain Name: Don’t let your registrar just be a nameless entity. This article discusses the importance of keeping in touch with those managing your domain names.
  7. Preventing Domain Expiration: Open source users out there will find this article particularly useful. Rick Moen has written a simple script to keep your domains from ever expiring, saving the more forgetful among us time and a lot of headaches.

Search Engines and Traffic

It’s hard to make money off of a domain you’ve developed if you can’t get anyone to visit. Check out these blog posts for information in increasing your traffic and search engine presence.

  1. An SEO’s Guide to Acquiring New gTLDs: Check out this posting from Moz on new TLDs like .today .technology .tips .land .kitchen .contractors, etc.
  2. TRAFFIC: Beyond Pay-Per-Click: Everyone wants to make more money and in this posting you’ll get advice from representatives of several domain companies on how to do just that.
  3. Disposable Traffic and The Power of You: Learn about the power of developing your domains in this posting from Frank Schilling.
  4. Domain Type Ins Represent More Eyeballs Than American Idol: American Idol is one of the most watched television shows in the US but even more people are trolling around on the Internet on a daily basis. Learn how to take advantage of those potential viewers in this posting.
  5. How to do a Domain Traffic Test – Analysis 101: Get the basics on site traffic from this posting at Whizzbangs.
  6. How To Estimate Universal Search Volume *Without* Using Yahoo or Wordtracker: Simplify your numbers by using this posting to get stats on your domains without using any fancy tools.
  7. The Importance of Domain Names for SEO: Learn how domain names can affect your search engine visibility in this posting from DotSauce.
  8. Yahoo, Google and My Underlying Philosophy: Frank Schilling shares his philosophy on the big names in search engines and how they affect the business of domaining.


Need some general information on domaining? Look no further than these great blog posts on a wide variety of topics.

  1. 5 Reasons You Should Leave GoDaddy (And How): GoDaddy used to be the go-to for domain buying, but people are running away in droves. Find out why in this article from Forbes.
  2. Is your Domain Portfolio Junk? Guide to Dropping your Domains: Having a boring portfolio can happen to anyone. Check out this post to see if there are some improvements you can make.
  3. Domain Insurance by Name Intelligence: Insurance on domain names may sound like a joke, but it’s a real product. Find out the details from Domain Name News.
  4. Through Thick and Thin: ICANN RFP for Registrar Data Escrow Services: Will you be protected if your registrar goes out of business? Read about new laws that can save your investments if your registrar goes under.
  5. A Wiki For Every Domain Name: See how integrating your domains with wikis can help bring in load of visitors.
  6. How To Stop Referrer Spam: Referral spam is traffic from bots that impersonate a referral link, so you’ll see their site in analytics and visit it. Here’s how to stop it.
  7. Seven Things To Think About Before You Register That New Domain: Get the long and short of domains in this blog post on Forbes and learn where the domaining industry is headed.
  8. The Line in the Sand: Rick Schwartz lays out his opinions on domaining in this blog posting.
  9. A Content Site for Every Domain Name Powered By Yahoo!: Explore the future of parked and advertising domains in this blog posting.
  10. Truth to Power: Need some motivation to get in gear? Then read this blog from Rick Schwartz.
  11. What Type of Domainer Are You?: Find out in this posting from DomainSherpa.
  12. 41 Must Read Blogs for Domainers: Put these blogs on your daily to-read list or add them to your RSS feed to keep up with the latest news and views on domaining.
  13. Who Should Own a Domain Name?: This posting from The Hot Iron discusses the sensitive issue of who domain names should rightfully belong to.
  14. 10 Things You Really Didn’t Know About Domain Names: A post with some fun facts about domains, including the longest registered domain on record.
  15. How to Find Affordable Expired Domains: Learn all about the process of domain registration and expiration in this post from Quick Sprout.
  16. The House Always Wins: Domainer and blogger Drank Schilling explains how domain names can affect PPC arbitrage.
  17. Warren Buffet Invests In $165 Million Dollars into Domain Industry: Warren Buffet didn’t exactly suggest that you invest in domain names, but take a look at this post from TheDomains to see just why you should.

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