About HTML.com

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About HTML.com

HTML.com helps web developers of all stripes and skill levels craft the best HTML and CSS possible.

The amount of information available to today’s developer can be overwhelming, so HTML.com provides coders with comprehensive, easy-to-use references filled with tips, tricks, and techniques.

We strive to be better than the typical developer documentation offerings. In addition to showing you how to use something, we provide information on when and why something should be used. We don’t just assume that you already know everything about HTML.

Don’t get caught out with the changes spurred by HTML5. Know the best way to do something, find out what is now outdated, and what has deprecated in certain browsers.

We help you separate the wheat from the chaff with our up-to-date content, code things correctly the first time, and keep on keeping on.


This website began as HTMLCodeTutorial.com in 2002 —  created as a quick reference to all HTML tags and attributes.

In late 2016, we rebranded the site to HTML.com

History of HTMLCodeTutorial.com

HTMLCodeTutorial in 2005

htmlcodetutorial.com circa 2005 - screenshot via waybackmachine

History of the HTML.com Domain

Coming soon, including the Flippa auction.

What We Offer

Here’s what makes up HTML.com:

  • A One-Page Cheat Sheet:  Contains the information you need to know for the most commonly-used HTML elements and attributes. Whether you’re a beginner ready to jump right in or an experienced developer who wants a handy quick reference guide, this is for you.
  • Reference pages: In-depth information on HTML elements and their (possible) attributes. These are like your typical developer docs, but better, because we include tips and tricks on how to write the best possible code as well. You know those interesting tidbits you learn from those more experienced than you? These pages are full of those nuggets.
  • Tutorials: Helping you put everything together so that your elements and attributes come together to form a cohesive website. You probably don’t use that many HTML concepts in isolation, so our tutorials build on our reference docs to help you turn your ideas into websites. We also offer tutorials on how to use:
    • CSS: Learn how to add style to your page.
    • JavaScript: Learn how to make your site interactive.
  • Web Hosting Information: You’re going to need to share your website somehow, right? Here’s the 101 on what you need to know about sharing your HTML with the world. You’ll also find unbiased reviews on many of the web hosting services out there, so you can find the one that best fits your needs at a price you can afford.

Who We Are

The HTML.com team is made up of web developers and technical writers. We all come from different backgrounds, but what we have in common is extensive expertise with all things computers, technology, and the internet.

Some of us had worked with assembly languages years before the web was a thing, and others can’t remember a time when the internet wasn’t practically a human right.

Our team is fully remote like many other modern tech companies. We have writers scattered all over the world in dozens of countries, from Bosnia to the UK to Canada to Australia.

Some of us are nomads; others, not so much. Most of us have never met each other, but we are nevertheless a close-knit team thanks to the wonders of the internet and its collaboration tools.

Our sister sites include:

  • WhoIsHostingThis.com: One of the world’s largest guides to web hosts. Read user reviews, compare options, and make the decision that best fits your needs. The blog is popular for it’s in-depth illustrated guides about online in general.
  • Digital.com:  Aimed at mall business owners, Digital.com provides unbiased reviews, how-to guides on all things related to selling online, and references on how to maximize your slice of the E-commerce pie.

Privacy Policy

We take privacy very seriously. We don’t like spam, and we promise not to sell, trade, or misuse the information you provide to us in any way, shape, or form. If you’d like more details, check out our privacy policy — it’s written in plain English and easy to understand (just like everything else we publish. Why make things more complicated than they need to be?).

Contact Us

We’re constantly making changes and updating the site, as well as adding new content. If you have any questions, comments, and concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We love to hear from our visitors.