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What does <del> HTML Tag do?
The <del> tag is used to identify text that has been deleted from a document but retained to show the history of modifications made to the document. Pair a <del> element with an <ins> element to identify the inserted text that replaced the deleted text.

Code Example

The most important encyclopedia in the world is <del>Encyclopedia Britannica</del> <ins>Wikipedia</ins>.
The most important encyclopedia in the world is Encyclopedia Britannica Wikipedia.

Tracking Document Changes

The del element is used to mark up text that has been deleted from a document. It is useful if you want the original text to remain to provide a record of changes to the document over time.

There are two attributes that can be used to provide additional information about the reason a change was made to a document.

  • cite can be used to add a URL that further explains the reason for the change.
  • datetime can be used to specify the time when the change was made.
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