Yahoo! Hosting Review: Should You Yahoo?

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Most are surprised to hear that the search giant, Yahoo!, also offers web hosting.

It’s part of the core Yahoo Small Business offerings. It’s intended for small businesses, but can also be used just fine with personal hobby sites.
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Should you host your site on Yahoo Web Hosting? I can’t tell you that yet. What I can do is break down the most notable aspects of the service, so that you can know if it works for you.

When you think of Yahoo!, most think of great technology, but also a little dated in some areas. Overall, I think their web hosting service fits this description as well.

Two Options: Yahoo’s Sitebuilder and WordPress

When you sign up for a hosting plan on Yahoo, you have 2 main options to get a site deployed.

The site builder is your typical drag-and-drop editor. It works well enough.

With these types of site builders, you pick a theme first and then edit them with the content you’d like.

My big issue here is with the quality of the themes.

On the website, Yahoo says that they are “Professionally designed.”

I’m sure they were, but most of them must have been designed 10 years ago or more. The designs are incredibly dated and just don’t match the quality that top site builders offer.

The good news is that there’s an alternative on most of the hosting plans: WordPress.

As long as you’re looking to build a site with WordPress, Yahoo’s hosting could work just fine for you. You have complete access to the huge variety of WordPress themes out there.

So while you can build a website using Yahoo’s site builder, I honestly don’t see many good reasons to. Instead, stick to WordPress if you’re hosting on Yahoo.

The Best Parts of Yahoo Web Hosting

I don’t want you to get the wrong impression. There are some serious weaknesses of this hosting platform, but there are some good parts as well.

See if these strong parts of the service outweigh the negatives to you.

Custom Analytics

Google Analytics is always an option, but not everyone likes it, or sometimes it’s overkill for the situation.

Yahoo provides their own custom analytics, and they’re not bad at all.

They show you a lot of key information, in an attractive, concise format. This includes:

  • Traffic stats by page.
  • Keywords used to find your site.
  • Recommendations to improve search rankings.

All this data is live, so you can monitor visitors on your website at any time.

As an added bonus, there’s even an iPhone app for analytics

A Free Domain Name

Yahoo is a domain registrar, and add a free domain name to all of their hosting packages, as long as you register for at least 12 months.

There are no restrictions on the domain, any extension that Yahoo supports is fine as long as the domain itself is available to register.

See What Plans Yahoo Has To Offer

Free SSL Certificates

More and more web hosts have started offering free SSL certificates as it’s really become the basic standard in web security.

But not all do.

Yahoo gives you a free SSL certificate (except on the most basic plan).

Reliable Technology

This is actually a pretty big strength. Yahoo! is a massive, long-standing tech company.

Compare that to the many cheap white labeled hosts who pop in and out of existence.

If you host a website with Yahoo Web Hosting, you know your site is running on solid servers, and there’s virtually no risk of the service being shut down or changed.

The web hosting service has an uptime guarantee of 99.9%, and websites are backed up in different locations to ensure no loss during emergencies.

Simple Plans to Choose From

It’s pretty simple to determine if you like Yahoo’s hosting plans because there’s only 3, and they’re all pretty similar.

  • Basic – Mainly for personal hobby sites.
  • Advanced plan – For small business sites.
  • Premier plan – For higher traffic sites.

One key note is that you can only have 1 domain on each plan. This is different than many other shared plans where you can host as many sites as you’d like.

Also, keep in mind that WordPress is only available on the advanced and premier plans.

Inexpensive Pricing

All 3 plans are cheap, compared to most other shared hosting costs.

Additionally, there’s a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and you get a $100 credit for search marketing on the Yahoo and Bing network.


My biggest issue with cheap hosting is that it usually has cheap support as well.

Yahoo Web Hosting's support is actually pretty good.

They offer 24 hours a day chat, email, and phone support.

On top of that, they have a solid knowledge base. It’s not the prettiest, but it’s well organized, which makes it easy to find help when you run into problems.

Additionally, the help articles themselves are clearly written, usually with images to make it especially clear how to follow the solution.

Overall, it’s an impressive level of support when you consider the prices.


Yahoo Web Hosting's services have significant strengths and weaknesses.

Biggest strengths:

  • Reliable, robust hosting. You have the technology backing of a technology giant.
  • Plenty of freebies. Free advertising credits, a free domain name, and free SSL certificates.
  • Solid support. 24/7 access to support, plus a solid knowledge base.
  • Great price. Web hosting doesn’t get much cheaper than this.

Biggest weaknesses:

  • The website builder is outdated. That leaves you with WordPress as the only option (which may be fine).
  • Doesn’t scale. There are only 3 plans, meant for relatively small websites. If your website ever reaches high levels of traffic, you will have to migrate to a new host.

You’ll need to evaluate how important each of those aspects is for you.

In general, based on those pros and cons, I’d say that Yahoo Web Hosting is best suited for you if you’re planning on building a single, simple WordPress site.

It works great for small business websites because you want to be hosted on a trusted platform that you can be confident will always be working.

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Your Review of Yahoo Hosting

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