Web Hosting Hub Review: The Right Budget Host For You?

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Finding a host for your first few websites isn’t as easy it seems.

There are hundreds of hosts out there, all claiming that they are the best for you.

In reality, there are many hosts that would be fine, you just need to pick one that is suited towards beginner developers like you.
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Web Hosting Hub is one host that specifically caters to new web developers trying to build their first, simple, and small websites.

There’s one twist.

Web Hosting Hub is specifically designed for developers in the United States. They have 2 main data centers, one on the west coast, one on the east coast. There are a few other ways they tailor their services to U.S. developers, as we’ll see later.

This review is completely focused on the strengths and weaknesses of Web Hosting Hub’s hosting services for beginner to intermediate web developers.

How Web Hosting Hub is Different

Most web hosts try to please everyone. They have several different hosting types, and then multiple plans within each type.

No wonder it’s so confusing to pick the right hosting.

One of the biggest strengths of Web Hosting Hub is that it’s simple. There are only a few plans to choose from, and it’s easy to compare them.

On top of that, there are a few unique aspects to Web Hosting Hub.

1. Excellent Money Back Policy

No matter which plan you sign up on, there’s a 90-day money back guarantee if you’re unhappy.

There are very few hosts that have this sort of policy in place.

2. Comes With BoldGrid Premium

BoldGrid is a website builder that integrates with WordPress.

Basically, it turns WordPress into a drag-and-drop website editor. If you don’t want to worry about learning and tweaking CSS yet, this is a great tool to make your life easier.

On top of features to make it easier to edit your website’s appearance, it also comes with free responsive themes.

You can search for themes by category and should be able to find one that fits exactly the look you’re going for.

One final big feature is that BoldGrid has built-in staging. This lets you edit your website on a “staging” version of your website, but no one will see the changes on your actual website until you deploy the changes.

If you’re planning on using WordPress, a free premium version of BoldGrid is worth the cost of hosting alone in many cases.

3. Uses Green Technology

The environment isn’t the first thing mentioned or thought about when it comes to web hosting.

But servers do use a lot of energy, especially when you’re hosting hundreds of thousands of sites overall (that’s a lot of servers).

Web Hosting Hub invests in green technology. They were the first hosting company to open a green data center, and invested in more efficient servers to reduce energy consumption as well.

It doesn’t affect your hosting directly, but if the environment is important to you, this is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint.

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Is U.S. Based Support Important to You?

One aspect of Web Hosting Hub’s business that is clearly important to them is their U.S. based support. There are several testimonials throughout their website that focuses on the value their support team has provided to customers.

Most other low-cost hosts outsource their support to third world countries, which can result in subpar support.

Web Hosting Hub has a completely U.S. based support team, which you can contact 24/7/365 through chat, phone, or email.

On top of that support for specific issues, there’s also a decent knowledgebase to help you out.

It consists of tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions. The guides have a good amount of depth but could use more images to clarify steps. Additionally, the overall knowledgebase could be organized a bit more clearly.

Overall, it’s a decent knowledge base, just not the best out there.

Finally, once you sign up for a plan, you have the option to receive a call from an onboarding specialist. They will walk you through the first steps to get your website up and running. Not always necessary, but a nice option if this is your first website.

3 Simple Plans to Choose From

Unlike the several plans on other hosts to decipher, there’s only 3 here.

All 3 plans are shared hosting, meaning that you share the resources of a server with other customers. This doesn’t make a difference in performance for small, simple website, and lets customers split the server cost.

Having only 3 plans to choose from makes it a lot easier to pick one. The only downside is that if your website grows fairly large, you’ll likely have to migrate to a different host later on. Something to think about.

There are a few features available on all Web Hosting Hub plans that I’d like to highlight for you.

Simple to Install WordPress or Any CMS

All plans come with access to the Softaculous 1 click installer. This is pretty common in shared hosting cPanels.

It allows you to install a wide variety of content management systems (CMSs) by filling out a short form and clicking once.

On top of that, Web Hosting Hub plans also let you choose to auto-install WordPress when you’re checking out. You can also choose to auto install the well-known shopping cart software – Prestashop.

Finally, recall that you get a free premium copy of BoldGrid if you do end up creating a WordPress site, which makes it even easier to customize your website.

All Plans Incorporate SSDs

Solid state drives (SSDs) make certain server operations several times faster than when running on a typical hard drive.

Not all hosts incorporate SSDs to speed up their hosting services, especially not low-cost ones.

Easy to Backup Your Sites

You should always backup your websites so that you don’t lose your hard work.

You can do this manually in cPanel for free whenever you’d like.

Or, if you’re afraid you’ll forget, or just don’t have the time, you can pay a very small monthly cost and Web Hosting Hub will create daily backups for you automatically.

Either way, backups shouldn’t be an issue.

First Class Support Without First Class Prices?

With the extensive U.S. based support, it’s normal to expect higher prices as a result.

But that’s not the case at all here. All 3 hosting plans are extremely cheap; as low as you’ll find for shared hosting anywhere.

On top of that, you have to consider that you get other features for free.

You get a free domain with any package, as well as a free SSL certificate. Both of these have a significant value.

Finally, remember that there’s a 90-day money back guarantee to sweeten the deal.

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Web Hosting Hub caters towards beginner developers who are looking for simple shared hosting.

There are a few things that really makes Web Hosting Hub stand out:

  • U.S. based support, 24/7
  • Cheap prices
  • Excellent perks (free BoldGrid premium, domain name, and SSL).

You’re not going to get insanely good website performance, but it will be reasonable.

Overall, Web Hosting Hub provides a lot of value for the low prices they offer. It’s a great host for any beginner web developers getting started.

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