Web Hosting Hub Review: The Right Budget Host For You?

For those looking for an affordable Web hosting solution that offers support for a wide range of applications, Web Hosting Hub is a great choice.

But this single-plan shared hosting provider also offers several services—including custom website design, dedicated eCommerce, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and social media evaluation—that can help even the greenest newcomer build an effective and professional site for their business.


The features offered by the standard Web Hosting Hub hosting account will be familiar to anyone who’s ever shopped for a hosting solution online:

  • Free domain
  • Unlimited* domain hosting
    • Unlimited* subdomains
    • Unlimited* parked domains
  • Unlimited* disk storage
  • Unlimited* server transfer/bandwidth
  • Unlimited* MySQL databases
  • Free 24/7, U.S.-based support
  • Hundreds of applications and scripts available via Softaculus
  • E-commerce tools
    • Zen Cart
    • CubeCart
    • Free site certificate

*Please Note: As with every other “unlimited” host, “unlimited” is not so much a synonym for “infinite” as it is “limitless until you negatively impact server performance, at which point you may be billed.”

The company also offers the popular cPanel hosting control panel, and support for eCommerce, content management and blogging via one-click installation of scores of well-loved Web applications like Coppermine Photo Gallery, WordPress and Cube Cart using the Softaculous one-click installer (accessed via cPanel).

Web Hosting Hub’s surprisingly robust support package is worth calling a little extra attention to as well. They offer 24/7 support that’s based in the United States, and available not just via phone but through live chat, email and even their user forum.

Other features on offer include an automated backup service (a business essential, as anyone who’s ever had to rebuild a site from scratch could tell you), free domain migration from another host (including a “No-Downtime” pledge from their Domain Concierge service to keep your site humming along during the transfer process) and support for both credit card payments and the now-ubiquitous PayPal (a boon to anyone building an online storefront).

They also offer a money-back guarantee (90 days, prorated after) and built-in virus protection by McAfee.

Value-Added Services

Many small business owners have vast experience and expertise, but most of it is focused on their business, and not, say, coding a SQL database to support a discussion forum on their website.

And that’s okay, because running a business is often about delegating support tasks to other professionals whose experience and skill free you, the business owner, to deal with running your business instead of (for example) your website.

And while the hosting features offered by Web Hosting Hub are robust, the value-added services they offer truly help to set this hosting company apart from its competition.

The value-added service plans (all based around custom quotes derived from free consultations) cover Business Websites, eCommerce, SEO and Social Media.

Business Websites are custom-designed sites based on information you provide during your consultation with Web Hosting Hub.

You can select from a “Premium” plan for a site with up to five pages (e.g., home page, contact form, product gallery, etc.) and 30 minutes of updates each month, or a “Premium Plus” plan that offers up to 15 pages and 90 minutes of website updates each month. Both plans include everything you’ll need to get started, including a domain name (if you need one) and all the benefits of their shared hosting package .

eCommerce is identical to Business Websites in its standard configuration, but with a focus on building a dedicated online storefront for your business.

These sites offer support for credit card and PayPal payments, are optimized for SEO (you can tag and organize your entire product catalog to help ensure you’re showing up at the top of popular search engine results), and feature a wide selection of plugins for your shopping cart of choice (including customized shipping calculators, language and currency customization, coupons and more).

SEO is a term often bandied about by Internet masters and neophytes alike, but it boils down to “can people find your site?” Web Hosting Hub’s SEO service is based on information gathered during your consultation, and attempts to boost your site’s standing in popular search engines using a combination of cutting-edge tech (including integration with Google Places) and ethical, search-engine authorized techniques that may improve your results in Google and other search engines.

Social Media services offered by this provider are of particular use to site owners who may not “get” the appeal (or the staggering power) of social media integration on their site.

Web Hosting Hub offers custom integration with services like Facebook and Twitter to help ensure your brand is engaging with your target market in the social media arena. They also offer support for custom WordPress development, so you can build a blog into your website (or even build a separate site just for your blog).

Benefits Breakdown

The Good

Overall, Web Hosting Hub offers a great value for sites looking for standard, shared-hosting services. They hit all the marks for anyone looking to build a professional and fully-featured site quickly and affordably, and the top-notch support is a definite bonus. Add in a generous money-back guarantee and nice touches like the enormous suite of applications available via Softaculous, and you’ve got a winner.

The value-added services are a pleasant surprise as well, enabling users who want advanced features to incorporate them into their site without needing to contract a web developer or add a full-time webmaster to their payroll.

The Not-So-Good

Web Hosting Hub is a great host, but it is a shared-hosting only one. So if your site requires its own hardware or demands flexibility with regard to scaling and resources, this host is probably not for you.

Also, the value-added services may be handy, but if your budget is tight, you may not be able to justify both hosting fees and the additional costs incurred by custom site management or SEO.

In addition, the backup services provided by Web Hosting Hub are automatic, but are not enabled by default; you’ll need to pay an additional $1 fee each month to turn on this feature.

Get the facts, and the costs, in writing before you commit to any additional services.

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