SiteGround Review: Your Best Bet For Web Hosting?

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They typically say that you can’t have it all when you pick a host. Out of cheap, high performance, and great support, you can usually pick one or two. But in certain situations, it’s possible to get all 3; SiteGround has that potential.

SiteGround is an established host, founded in 2004. If you take a quick look at their website, it’s clearly very polished and represents their hosting well.

They sell fantastic high-end plans, having those types of customers allows SiteGround to keep other hosting packages cheap, in the hope that your website eventually generates income and you upgrade later on.

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While I think SiteGround is a solid host in almost any situation, it’s especially good if you are relatively new to web development.

As you’ll see shortly, you get great performance and support, all for incredible prices.

Hosting Designed for Speed

The big problem with most inexpensive hosting plans (i.e. shared hosting), is that they’re based on mediocre servers. Yes, you often get “unlimited” everything, but your website is incredibly slow.

SiteGround has a few important things to offer when it comes to speed.

First, all servers, even the ones used for shared hosting plans, incorporate SSDs. Any reading or writing operations that your website needs is done significantly faster.

Next, SiteGround incorporates the Cloudflare CDN, which makes your website faster if you have visitors across the globe. Not a big deal if you only build local websites, but generally a nice feature.

Finally, SiteGround has built a custom caching system for the most popular content management systems (CMSs): WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. This speeds up nearly all websites even more.

Features That Set SiteGround Apart from Competitors

Aside from speed, SiteGround has a few specific features that may appeal to you.

First, there’s a free SSL certificate option available in cPanel for all hosting plans. The certificate is enabled through Let’s Encrypt. This really should be standard, but many hosts still charge for it.

On all plans, even the cheapest ones, SiteGround has a free daily backup. It’s extremely unlikely that you’ll ever lose your website data.

Another rare feature is staging management for WordPress (if you choose that CMS). It allows you to create a staging version of your website in order to test new changes, so that you don’t have to test (and potential mess up) your website live.

Once you’re happy with your changes, you just deploy them from your staging site and your actual site will be updated.

Finally, I think it’s worth mentioning that on the higher tiered plans, servers are fully managed. That means that SiteGround takes care of monitoring and fixing security issues on your server. You might not need these plans right away, but if you need upgrade later, it’s good to have an idea of what to expect.

Comprehensive Support

Good support involves fixing issues on a host’s end for the most part. Great support helps you fix issues on your end of the hosting. The best support goes even further, past hosting issues and helps you with website issues.

SiteGround is one of the very few hosts that I would put in this last category.

No, they're not going to help you design a layout for your homepage. However, SiteGround support will do things like migrate existing sites for free. They’ll also go that step further and help you fix errors with popular scripts, plugins, and templates.

This type of support is invaluable if you are relatively new to web development.

You have 3 ways to contact support, all just a click away on every page.

Phone support and live chat are available 24/7.

You can also create a ticket. SiteGround has an average first reply of 10 minutes. If you’ve ever dealt with support from a different host, you know how rare that is.

If you don’t want to bother the support for some reason, or just need a guide or tutorial, SiteGround has one of the most organized knowledge bases that I’ve seen.

It’s intuitive to find whatever help you’re looking for.

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Is Support Even Needed?

If a host maintains healthy servers, a lot of issues will never become issues in the first place.

SiteGround guarantees a 99.99% uptime for all their hosting plans.

They do that with a variety of security measures, from automatic back-ups to pro-active server monitoring.

In addition, accounts are completely isolated. So even if someone’s website goes down on a shared server, it doesn’t affect the other websites.

Multiple Hosting Options at a Relatively Low Cost

In my opinion, the most important things about SiteGround are the ones we looked at above. Those features are available in all the hosting plans that you can buy.

If you value those, then you just need to find the right hosting for you.

There’s a wide variety, but I’ve categorized them into 3 fairly distinct categories.

WordPress Hosting

SiteGround offers specialized WordPress hosting.

There’s a 1-click installer that makes it easy to get WordPress up and running.

All WordPress hosting packages come with an auto-updater to keep your plugins up to date. This closes up one of the most common security gaps in WordPress sites.

On top of that, SiteGround has security experts whose job is to monitor WordPress sites for vulnerabilities. When possible, they will protect your site from any potential issues they spot.

You can install WordPress on a shared hosting plan, but if you’re using WordPress, go with the specialized plan (similar price anyways).

Shared Hosting

These plans are extremely cheap. As usual with shared hosting, you share a server with other SiteGround customers.

You have access to a custom drag and drop site builder, as well as applications to quickly install popular CMSs.

Your account comes with the standard cPanel control panel.

You can host multiple websites on most plans. This is the most common type of hosting for web developers working on small websites. It’s a great place to start if you’re not sure about which hosting plan you’ll need, as you can always upgrade later.

Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Servers

I won’t go into these too much, as you likely won’t need them unless you grow into them.

These options are much more expensive than the previous plans, as they give you access (or virtual access) to a complete server.

They’re only necessary if your websites need a lot of resources, or you need more control for a custom web application.


Overall, SiteGround is one of the most polished hosting services there is.

The performance of their servers, from the cheapest shared package to the most expensive dedicated package, is excellent.

The support is available 24/7 and goes the extra mile to help you build a website that you’re happy with.

This is one of the few times where I really do not have anything negative to say about a host. If it fits your use-case, give it a shot.

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