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<s> HTML Tag

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What does <s> HTML Tag do?
The <s> element is used to identify text that is no longer accurate or relevant. It is similar to, but semantically distinct from, the <del> element which is used to identify document edits. By default, browsers render the contents of an <s> element with a strikethrough.

Code Example

<p>My favorite species of flamingo is the <s>Lesser flamingo</s> <s>Andean flamingo</s> Chilean flamingo.</p>

My favorite species of flamingo is the Lesser flamingo Andean flamingo Chilean flamingo.

Crossing Out

<s> is used to strike out text. The content of the <s> tag is displayed with a line through it. <s> was removed from the HTML 4 specification, but has been reintroduced in HTML 5 as a way to mark something that is no longer correct.

Correct Usage

In previous iterations of HTML, <strike>, that was used for the same purpose as <strike>. However, <strike> is now deprecated in HTML 5. Additionally, note that the <del> element should be used for text that has been deleted, rather than incorrect, since <del> provides the option to add a date stamp.

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