Deprecated in HTML5. Do not use.

<acronym> HTML Tag

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What does <acronym> HTML Tag do?
The <acronym> element and title attribute was used to associate a full-text explanation with an acronym. The <acronym> element has been deprecated in HTML5 and <abbr> should be used instead.
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Code Example

<acronym title="National Aeronautics and Space Administration">NASA</acronym>

The <acronym> element has been deprecated in HTML5. Use the <abbr> element instead.

Dealing with Acronyms

It's true. Although all browsers still support the element, the acronym element is not longer valid HTML. However, you can get the same effect by using the abbr element instead. Take a look at this example:

<acronym title="hypertext markup language">HTML</acronym><br>
<abbr title="cascading style sheets">CSS</abbr>

What both of these elements do is show the title attribute when a user allows their mouse to rest over the abbreviation or acronym.

Give it a try.

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