<legend> HTML Tag

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HTML Web Forms Tutorial For Coding Beginners
What does <legend> HTML Tag do?
The <legend> element is used to add a caption to a group of related form <input> elements that have been grouped together into a <fieldset>.

Code Example

  <legend>Personal Information</legend>
  <label for="name">Name</label><br>
  <input name="name" id="name"><br>
  <label for="dob">Date of Birth<label><br>
  <input name="dob" id="dob" type="date">
Personal Information

Titles for Form Sections

The <legend> element provides titles for form sections, providing a nice alternative to the <h*> headline elements. They are designed to be used with the <fieldset> element, and (strictly speaking) should only be used inside of one. Organizing form fields into <fieldset> groups, with appropriate <legend> captions can help make complicated forms more attractive and easier to use. For other tips on working with forms see our form design and form usability tutorials.

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