Twitter Toolset: 50+ Guides, Hacks & Scripts

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Branded by many as the next killer app, Twitter’s popularity has soared within the social networking and blogging communities, even attracting high profile users like presidential candidates and journalists. Twitter lets users create profiles so that friends, family, fans or loyal readers have the ability to see updates on what they’re up to via the web, email, or even their mobile phones. Twitter’s mobility and easy-to-use interface are great features, but there are ways that users can make Twitter an even more useful and interactive tool. Here are more than 50 plug-ins, add-ons and other tools that can help you improve your Twitter experience. Browser Add-Ons Make integrating Twitter with your browser simple and easy with these fun browser add-ons for Firefox.

  1. TwitBin: This Firefox extension allows you to send and receive messages via Twitter straight from your browser sidebar.
  2. TwittyTunes: Users of FoxyTunes will find this to be a cool Firefox extension. It allows you to post your current playlists of music, videos or websites on Twitter with the click of a button, so you can easily share your selections with friends.
  3. Shareaholic: Spread around the Internet gems you find using Shareaholic. It allows users to share links and webpages through Twitter using Firefox.
  4. Twitter Search Plugin: Expand the functionality of your Firefox search box by adding Twitter. You’ll be able to create tweets just by typing where you’d normally put your search query.
  5. Tweetbar: Add Twitter to your Firefox sidebar with this easy-to-use and feature-filled plugin. Just type your tweet into the address bar and post away!
  6. TwitterFox: Keep up on your friends’ status with this Firefox extension. It will add a tiny icon that will notify you whenever someone on your friends list adds new content.
  7. Ludicrous is another great tool for posting updates to your Twitter directly from your search bar. Just don’t forget to change it back when you want to search.
  8. Power Twitter: This addon lives up to its name. It allows you to embed Flickr and YouTube on your Twitter page, see full addresses for tinyurls, and much more.
  9. Twippera: Don’t have Firefox? Try using this add-on that allows you to send and receive tweets through Opera.

Plug-Ins and Scripts Whether you want to send twitter updates from your instant messenger, or integrate your music, these tools can do it all.

  1. Twitter Tools: This plugin for WordPress will allow you to fully integrate your blog and your Twitter account. You’ll get archiving, posting and display tools to make Twitter an integral part of your blogging experience.
  2. Twitter Badge: Let your blog readers in on your Twitter status with this WordPress badge plugin. Users will be able to see what you’re posting to your Twitter account right from your blog sidebars.
  3. TwitThis: TwitThis makes it easy for readers to spread the word about your blog. Simply attach the button to your posts or website and users can click on it to send the URL to their friends.
  4. TwitterBox: Fans of Second Life will love this plugin which allows users to receive updates and messages from Twitter while in Second Life.
  5. TikiTwit: Designed for Mac users, this plugin will allow you to automatically sync up your Twitter status with your iChat status.
  6. Twessenger: Bring your Windows Messenger and Twitter together with this plugin. Your Messenger status will update whenever you change your Twitter status.
  7. Twitter Updater: This plugin will automatically send a status update to your Twitter account anytime you make a change or add new posts to your WordPress blog.
  8. Twit-Twoo: This simple plugin allows you to update your Twitter status right from your blog.
  9. TwitterYM: This plugin integrates your Twitter and Yahoo Instant Messenger accounts, updating your status based on your latest Twitter.

Desktop Apps Add these applications to help you get the most out of your Twitter experience.

  1. Twadget: Keep your Twitters close at hand with this widget for Windows Vista which hangs out in the sidebar so you can send and receive tweets.
  2. What’s Up?: This gadget allows you to see the latest updates to your friend’s twitters right on your desktop.
  3. Twitteroo: Send out tweets straight from your PC with Twitteroo. You’ll also be able to send out shortened URLs, message other users, browse the Twitter homepage, and much more.
  4. Twitteriffic: This tiny client for Mac users makes it possbile to easily publish and read tweets as well as view profiles and timelines.
  5. Tweeter: This Java-based Twitter client has a fully customizable user interface to make your experience as personalized as possible.
  6. Twinja: This desktop client for PC and Macs allows users to easily send messages, timelines, updates and even follow your favorite users.
  7. TwitterPost: TwitterPost is a simple client that allows Twitter users to post new updates, integrate their iTunes into their Twitter and much more.
  8. Twitterlicious: Take all the work out of updating Twitter with Twitterlicious. Change your status and easily send and receive messages with this Windows client.
  9. TwitBox: This Twitter client for Windows is fully featured. View and submit tweets, see replies and direct messages, delete your own tweets, and manage multiple accounts from one easy window.
  10. Triqqr: This slick tool for Windows allows you to publish and read tweets as well as check out other users profiles.

Mobile Don’t miss out on your Twitter just because you’re out of the house. Use these mobile programs to take it on the road.

  1. Jargong: Jargong is more than just a mobile Twitter client, though it’s great for publishing and reading tweets. You can also use it to browse and post on Flickr and user a number of social networking sites.
  2. Twapper: Twapper is a mobile Twitter device that allows users to do just about anything Twitter-related on the go. It has special features for users that are 30 Boxes members, too.
  3. Twit!: Windows Mobile users can spruce up their cells with this simple app, designed to help you avoid racking up those expensive SMS charges.
  4. TinyTwitter: Bring your Twitter with you using this mobile program. Designed to work with any Java supported device, including BlackBerries, it allows you stay connected without being bothered every time a friend’s update comes through.
  5. Tweeter: This program goes by the same name as another, but is designed especially to work on cell phones and help you avoid text messages charges when Twittering away from home.
  6. iTweet: Take your Twittering to your iPhone with this slick mobile app designed to work on Safari, offering features designed especially for mobile browsing.
  7. WildSets: WildSets is a fully functional Twitter client with one important enhancement: it’s made just for your phone, making it easy for you to take your Twitter addiction with you anywhere.
  8. TreoTwit: This program is designed to make using Twitter easy from your Treo.
  9. TwitterBerry: BlackBerries aren’t just for work, you can also use TwitterBerry to keep your friends up to date with Twitter updates and messages as well.

Guides and How-To’s Heard a lot about Twitter but not sure how to get started using it? Check out these guides to learn the basics.

  1. Newbie’s Guide to Twitter: Get in the know about Twitter with this extensive guide for newbies from WebWare.
  2. Twitter Guide: This multi-part series will take you through everything you need to know about how and why to use Twitter.
  3. Your Guide to Microblogging: Learn to embrace the trend of microblogging by using your Twitter account. Get all the details in this blog from PBS.
  4. Twitteroid’s Guide to Mastering Twitter: Don’t just use Twitter, learn to master it. Find all the information you’ll need in this guide from Twitteroid.
  5. The 12-Minute Definitive Guide to Twitter: Even if you don’t have a lot of time to spare, you can learn all about Twitter with this short and straight to the point guide to learning everything you ever wanted to know about the program.
  6. Hacking Twitter for Fun and Profit: If you’re not sure just what Twitter is useful for, then check out this article from Daily Wireless. It gives suggestions ranging from running a presidential campaign to keeping up with group projects.

Extras These are some additional tools to further fuel your Twitter addiction.

  1. Twitter Weather: Find out what to wear in the morning or if you should bring your umbrella to work directly from your Twitter with this useful bot.
  2. Twitter Vision: This web app shows a real-time visual display of the Twitter stream as users from all over the world create updates.
  3. AutoTwit: If you know you’re going to be away and won’t be able to update your status, set up automatic updates through the AutoTwit program.
  4. Friend or Follower: See who is your Twitter friend and who is just really interested in what you’re doing with this easy-to-use Web application.
  5. GeoTwitter: This simple web app uses Google Maps and information from Twitter to show where in the world the last posts on Twitter have been coming from.
  6. TwitterFeed: Feed your blog directly into your Twitter account with this simple web-based tool.
  7. TwitterBuzz: Twitter Buzz compiles a list of all the sites people are linking to on Twitter so you can keep on top of the biggest stories or coolest websites easily.
  8. TwitterSearch: This tool allows you to search through all Twitter users and postings to find the information or person you’re looking for.
  9. TwitterMap: TwitterMap will show you what updates are being posted from a specific geographic area. Just enter your information and find out how many people are Twittering in your neighborhood.
  10. Twitterverse: Keep up with everything that’s being posted on Twitter with this site. Simply click on a keyword to view all posts that contain that word.
  11. TwitterNotes: This helpful tool lets you share public or private notes via Twitter.

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