Squarespace Review: A Beautiful Website Builder or a Waste of Time?


Everyone’s heard of Squarespace. One of the most popular website builders on the market, the company powers millions of websites in hundreds of different industries.

Their templates are award-winning, allowing you to present your ideas to the world professionally with high-quality performance.

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Founded in 2003, Squarespace has over a decade of experience providing their customers with simple website building tools. With each template including its own integrations, you won’t have to navigate app stores or install widgets and plugins. And, access for developers to add their own custom code allows for fully-customizable themes.

Many Help Resources

One of the great things about Squarespace is their customer support. Their support page houses a vast sea of articles and guides to answer any question you may have about using their services. This guide is organized so that you will be able to easily find the topics you need help with instead of having to search through lists of FAQs.

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for there, then you can email Squarespace’s 24/7 support at any time. Their support team can also be reached via live chat during regular business hours. Or, if you really need help getting started you can schedule an appointment to speak with an Onboarding Specialist.

Set Up a Website in No Time

Designing websites with Squarespace is easy. You start off by picking one of their responsive templates and then edit hundreds of customizable settings. For example, you can change fonts, color schemes, and page layouts.

Each template is designed to support content such as blogs, galleries, and calendars. Switch between templates at any time without losing your content.

Squarespace has starter layouts for different pages, such as About and Contact pages, which you can edit blocks on to create the look you want. Their blocks include charts and graphs which can add attractive visual stimuli to your website. Squarespace supports the integration of video backgrounds on your website for adding some excitement to your page.

For developers who want even more control over the appearance of their site, Squarespace has a custom CSS editor on their dashboard.

More Developer Tools

Squarespace’s more advanced developer tools will allow you to create fully custom websites by editing their templates to look however you like. Work with a team via the Built-in Git to develop websites collaboratively.

Use your own preferred text editor to write code for your website. SFTP access allows you to access your template files to integrate them with text editors such as Sublime Text. Developers will also be able to query any page as JSON which will give them API access to any website content.

Hosting, Web Design, and SEO in One Place

For hosting, Squarespace provides everything you need. Squarespace uses shared hosting, meaning that all of the websites they host share the same resources. As a result, your website will use the same infrastructure that powers other sites that receive millions of page views, speaking to the reliability of their hosting. Performance is scaled automatically if you have more views. And, Squarespace takes care of security concerns.

You won't have to install plugins in order to enable SEO features on your website. Squarespace creates automatic sitemaps, so Google can properly index your website. The pages produced by Squarespace use a clean HTML markup and all pages have clean URLs to make them easily indexed by search engines. Add title tags, meta descriptions, and keywords to your website to increase search rankings.

Features for Images and Audio Integration

Squarespace includes simple image management features that will be useful for anyone showcasing art or photography. Use Adobe Image Editor to crop and resize images. Squarespace’s image loader generates scaled versions of your pictures and selects the right one to load according to your visitor’s device. Display your pictures full and browser-sized with Lightbox functionality. And, since Squarespace hosts with a CDN, all images will load faster for people all over the world.

For people who don’t have their own pictures to showcase, Squarespace partners with Getty Images giving you access to over 40 million pictures to purchase.

Create galleries with your images and select whichever form of presentation you like from slideshows to grid layouts. Implement hover and transitions for dynamic effects.

For musicians and music lovers, Squarespace allows you to upload music and albums to your website. Similarly, people running podcasts will be able to take advantage of their Audio blocks with iTunes tagging.

Blogging Functionality Perfect for a Hobby Website

Squarespace provides many features specifically for bloggers. Blog entries can be populated by content blocks such as text, images, video, audio, and galleries. The CMS allows for multiple authors to publish blog entries which will be useful if you want to produce a lot of content and hire writers to help you out. Blogging workflow can be organized, and posts can be scheduled to be published in the future.

The blogging platform also includes social sharing buttons and heart buttons at the bottom of each post, so readers can upvote your content. You will be able to sort comments on your blog, flag them for spam, and moderate them before you allow them to go live.

Squarespace’s blog app will let you manage blog comments and entries from your smartphone. You can also download an app for viewing your Squarespace analytics from your phone. Keep track of page views and site traffic no matter where you are.

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Website Analytics and E-commerce Options

Squarespace provides further resources for viewing analytics. From your dashboard, you can track visitor trends and find out where most of your website visitors are coming from to learn more about your audience. Analytics can show you the top-performing content on your website, so you can keep producing what works best.

Squarespace’s e-commerce functionality is vast. Unlimited products, optimized e-commerce templates, and customizable check-outs give you many options to develop a store that is your own. With a variety of included features like mailing lists, abandoned cart recovery, and discounts, your store will be fully-functioning and professional.

Plan Breakdown

All Squarespace accounts come with a free domain when paid annually. Or, you can choose to purchase a domain separately if you prefer to subscribe on a monthly basis. You can also connect domains that you purchased from third parties.

You have two plans to choose between for website building. The first is great for individuals and the second is built for businesses. These plans give you unlimited pages, bandwidth, and storage, as well as SSL security to stamp your website with a security seal.

If you want to have full developer customization access, you will have to purchase the company's second, more expensive, plan.

A Well-Rounded Site Builder with Something for Everyone

Squarespace doesn’t seem to specialize in any one area. Instead, they offer functional templates and customizable designs to any type of web user. Whether you’re building a website as a hobby or creating an online store, Squarespace has features for you. Developers will be able to have full design control through the addition of custom code if they’re willing to a pay a bit more for their business-level plan.

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