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  • Delicious Toolbox: 50+ Scripts, Tools & Tutorials

    Del.icio.us users are clued in to one of the Web's simplest social media secrets. As a no-frills information sharing community of news junkies, techie geeks, science enthusiasts, and lifestyle and culture trendsetters, del.icio.us offers its members a place to share and discuss the articles that are documenting the world's most current and pressing stories. Though the site operates on a relatively simple bookmarking system, there are lots of new tools and apps that can enhance your already del.icio.us experience.
  • How to Homebrew Wii Games: 37 Tips, Tutorials and Resources

    Certainly you've heard that fully integrated Wii homebrews are in the near future, but did you know that developers are already homebrewing for the Wii? Through the Internet Channel, you can play Flash and Javascript games, and yes, even make your own. So if you've spent all your money on a bidding war to get the Wii and you're out of cash for games, follow this guide to some of the best Wii homebrew resources out there.
  • Top 100 User-Centered Blogs

    Web designers often concern themselves with optimizing sites for spiders from Google, Yahoo, and other search engines, but pay little attention to creating sites that real people can use. This problem has sparked a movement towards user-centered web design, a topic that covers accessibility, web standards, and interfacing. Check out these blogs for the latest and greatest in this people-centric field of design.
  • Top 50 Guides for New Web Developers

    For those just getting started in Web development, the options and information out there can seem overwhelming. While this may be so, it's truly an asset to be able to have access to limitless choices. You will, however, need to choose a place to begin learning all the things you don't know. Whether you have a basic knowledge of Web development or are a complete newbie, here are 50 guides that can help you to learn and expand your knowledge so that you can build more successful and accessible sites.
  • StumbleUpon Toolbox: 40+ Scripts, Tools & Tutorials

    StumbleUpon isn't just another Web portal playing a bit part in the social media explosion. SU users love their online community for its blog hosting capabilities, site ranking system, and simple Web surfing options. Below is a list of 40+ StumbleUpon tools and add-ons to get you stumbling in cool new ways.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Blog Usability: 32 Tips & Resources

    Everyone loves to blog: CEOs, Web geeks, fashionistas, and even gardening grandmas. Blogging provides an outlet for those wanting to promote their businesses, publicize their political, social, or professional analyses, or to just meet other people like themsleves who share similar interests and lifestyles. But what good is your blog if no one wants to read it? To help attract more readers to your blog, we've generated a list of 36 tips and resources for you to implement in order to ensure maximum usability. If your blog is easy and fun to visit, you'll notice more readers flocking to your site.
  • 50+ Ways for Web Workers to Bring in More Business

    Sometimes when you work at home, you don't get the networking and person-to-person exposure you otherwise would. But that doesn't mean that you're at a disadvantage. There are plenty of ways web workers can bring in more business, and many require very little effort. Here are more than 50 ways you can get started on bringing in all the new clients and new business you can handle.
  • Green Hosting: 11 Carbon Neutral Hosting Alternatives

    Many individuals and business are doing their part to help the environment by using more energy efficient electronics, printing less, and recycling more. Yet it's hard to be truly environmentally friendly when your web servers are emitting CO2 around the clock to keep your website up and running. In this article, however, we highlight a few hosting companies that have taken the pledge to go green.
  • The Web Worker's Stress Busting Toolbox: 50 Tips to Improve Your Life

    Many Web employees work from the comfort of their own home and don't even have to get out of their comfy PJs to go to work if they don't feel like it. But that doesn't mean working on the Web isn't stressful from time to time. Online projects pile up and deadlines loom just like they do for those working in an office. They've also got the added stress of sometimes unreliable Web hosting and no IT department to fix a troublesome PC. So how can you beat the stress of day-to-day Web work? The following are 50 ways you can become happier and healthier by reducing the stress in your life.