Delicious Toolbox: 50+ Scripts, Tools & Tutorials

Disclosure: Your support helps keep the site running! We earn a referral fee for some of the services we recommend on this page. Learn more users are clued in to one of the Web’s simplest social media secrets. As a no-frills information sharing community of news junkies, techie geeks, science enthusiasts, and lifestyle and culture trendsetters, offers its members a place to share and discuss the articles that are documenting the world’s most current and pressing stories. Though the site operates on a relatively simple bookmarking system, there are lots of new tools and apps that can enhance your already experience. Official Tools These items were created by the team. Learn how to use and adapt the official tools, buttons, and applications for maximum fun and convenience.

  1. Buttons: This page explains how to use the “post to” and “my” buttons.
  2. Firefox Plugin: Install the Firefox plugin to set up a search box within your Firefox toolbar.
  3. URL Search: Discover a story’s history by entering its URL in the search box.
  4. Linkrolls: Want to let all your friends know what you’ve been reading on Set up linkrolls on your Web site or blog so that visitors can click on your bookmarks.
  5. Firefox Extension: Add a “my” button or a “tag this” button to your Firefox toolbar for quick bookmarking.
  6. Internet Explorer Active Channel: If you’re not a Firefox user, use the Active Channel to “keep your bookmarks in sync with Internet Explorer” for easy access to your favorites.
  7. Play Tagger (for mp3s): Use the Play Tagger to listen to mp3s directly from your account. You can also integrate the music files onto your Web site through your bookmarks.
  8. JSON Feeds: This JavaScript tool allows users to custom organize and display all their data, from bookmarks to apps.

Scripts The following codes will allow you to create your own tools and custom design your account.

  1. Apple Scripts: jChris, author of the blog Daytime Running Lights, provides a script for posting stories directly to from NetNewsWire.
  2. Bookmark This: This clever timesaver posts a “bookmark this” link next to the Comments box on each post.
  3. Organize your RSS feeds with the help of, a handy tool that “uses a cache directory to store your bookmarks.”
  4. Software engineer Jonathan Aquino whipped up this script to help your account retrieve stories that you’re interested in. How does it work? “lists the tags that are most frequently used in your links.”
  5. Greasemonkey Director: This script is a more user-friendly version of the original direc.tor, a tool which effectively manages accounts with extra-large amounts of data.
  6. dashLicious: This widget lets you post to your account directly from your browser or NetNewsWire, with optimum privacy options and new shortcuts.
  7. Familiar Taste: Another Greasemonkey script, Familiar Taste works with your Firefox browser to let you know whether or not Web pages have already been bookmarked.
  8. Auto-Complete: This application allows users the option of auto completing their posts, by retrieving common tags and data from their past posts.
  9. Link Checker: This perl script checks links to make sure they’re still operable, even if they’ve been sitting in the archives for a long time.
  10. Create a new skin for your pages with this fun script.
  11. + Gmail: Connect your and Gmail accounts with this script in order to save a copy of all your bookmarked pages, and then search through them quickly and easily.
  12. Publishing Assistant: Jeffrey Veen’s guide instructs readers on the “easiest way to publish links on your site” by using JavaScript.
  13. backup: The backup is a ruby script that generates backup copies of your bookmarks in a sqlite database.

Add-ons and Plugins Check out these clever tools that will help you manage your account in ways you never thought possible.

  1. Mischievous: This tool lets users “drag and drop” interesting links into a separate, saved list so that you can go back and read them whenever you find the time.
  2. Complete: This add-on opens up a new sidebar when you run Firefox and manages a post dialog box.
  3. Randomizer Button: If you’re not sure what you feel like reading, click the Randomizer button, which will bring up new stories in random categories.
  4. Lazy Sheep: Lazy Sheep is a bookmarklet that’s perfect for addicts. Learn how to turn on the auto-tag and auto-describe settings so that “tagging a page” becomes a “one-click operation.”
  5. Hunt and Gather: This in-the-works accessory finds and opens tabs of stories that contain the user’s favorite tags.
  6. Foxylicious: This Firefox add-on makes room for bookmarks on the Internet browser.
  7. Save This Page: Post this button on your blog or Web site, so that readers can conveniently submit your story to
  8. delic 123: This add-on awards your regular Firefox toolbar mega search capabilities, when used with Search for tags, stories, and links on a global or personal scale. Also works with Flock and Iceweasel.
  9. One-Click Delete: If you’d like to speed up the deletion process on your posts, install this extension, which only requires one click to erase the entire passage.
  10. Safarilicious: If you’re new to but already have a list of bookmarked favorites on Safari, use this tool to export your favorites to your account.

Visualizations If you’re more interested in searching for and viewing stories, tags, and other data as graphs or images, use these tools to alter your settings.

  1. Surf: Browse tags and stories with the Surf tool, which “lets you ‘channelsurf'” through the Web.
  2. LiveMarks: LiveMarks is a real time listing of new submissions. Click on a title you find interesting as it rains down the page.
  3. Hub Log: This visualization tool displays tags in a mind mapping-style graph.
  4. Most Popular Treemap: This treemap reveals’ most popular stories in an easy-to-follow style.
  5. Mind: This mindmapping program displays tags and organizes your other data into a comprehensive graph.
  6. SlashLinks: Mirror the links and posts on the Web site onto your own blog so that your site doesn’t slow down or even crash. Check out the link for more information on custom designing the design and layout and setting up archives.
  7. Delicious Soup: Delicious Soup is “a tool that “reveals your activities” to friends and visitors of your profile and Web site.
  8. Revealicious: Manage your account more easily by setting up Revealicious, a tool that displays all your data in a graphing system.
  9. Cloudalicious: View your tags as they float around the screen as cloud images.
  10. Delancey: Delancey organizes and manages users’ bookmarks “by keeping track of which ones are used most frequently,” and differentiating frequented sites from the not-so-popular ones.
  11. Presentation Center: Want a new way to display your recent bookmarks? Create a slideshow of the last twenty articles you saved using this stylish tool.

Unofficial Extras These entertaining tools and apps were designed to make your experience even better.

  1. WordPress Plugins: These WordPress extras help implement onto your blog.
  2. Fresh Download Fresh to keep track of dead or moved links.
  3. Java API: This tool is perfect for Web developers, who want to hack into with Java.
  4. Deliwin: Windows-users will love Deliwin, a tool that effectively stores, files and manages all your bookmarks.
  5. Organize your tags with this application, which creates pages of favorite links on your WordPress blog.
  6. Got writer’s block? Use this tool to help you generate new tags for your articles.
  7. Oishii!: Find out what other users have just bookmarked by checking Oishii, a site that “polls the front page every 5 minutes, and returns all sites bookmarked by at least 30 people.”
  8. Excel Backup: Backup your bookmarks and other data with Excel by following this simple how-to.
  9. FeedFlare: Find out how well your material fares on with the help of FeedFlare, a tool that “will reflect the number of saves and the top three tags for each item in your post.”
  10. Thumblicious: This tool displays popular web pages on the screen as thumbnails. Browse titles by category, and then click on the images to read the full article.

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