StumbleUpon Toolbox: 40+ Scripts, Tools & Tutorials

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StumbleUpon isn’t just another Web portal playing a bit part in the social media explosion. SU users love their online community for its blog hosting capabilities, site ranking system, and simple Web surfing options. Below is a list of 40+ StumbleUpon tools and add-ons to get you stumbling in cool new ways. How-to Guides and Add-ons Learn how to make the most of your SU account with these simple guides and add-ons.

  1. Back up Your Blog: Follow this guide to back up your StumbleUpon blog so that you’ve always got a copy just in case.
  2. Display SU Reviews: SU user Thlayli provides a link to the reviews page of each website for the benefit of those who don’t have an SU account.
  3. Firefox Toolbar Add-on: This unofficial Firefox extension adds an extra StumbleUpon toolbar with features like a content filter, archives, advanced photoblog, navigation, and more.
  4. SU2Bookmarks: This page shows readers how to save their favorite SU sites to a bookmarks.html file, which can then be stored on any Web browser.
  5. Advanced PhotoBlog: Organize and store your blog’s images with this handy application. SU user Thlayli explains that Stumblers “can also specify link target, height, width, align, hspace, vspace or title.” No understanding of HTML coding necessary.
  6. wySUwyg: The name looks complicated, but this Firefox extension will actually give you more freedom with your StumbleUpon account by letting you alter the format of any text area you view.
  7. Sticky Helper: This simple tutorial explains to readers how to more easily edit posts with a one-click command.
  8. Toolbarless StumbleUpon: Keep all of your bookmarklets in your browser’s bookmarks bar instead of bothering with yet another toolbar.
  9. Copy URL Button: Sidestep StumbleUpon’s “tricky techniques” by adding a copy URL button to your profile to link up with other users and pages more freely.
  10. Comprehensive Guide to StumbleUpon: Dosh Dosh’s guide to StumbleUpon offers great tips on how to “build massive traffic to your website” and increase loyal readership.

Tools Check out these fun tools that will transform your SU experiences.

  1. SU Music Player: This website is designed to help account holders add a music player onto their SU blog.
  2. Random Group: Want to check up on your fellow Stumblers? Refresh this tool as many times as you like to view the details of different user groups.
  3. StumbleCrumble: This WordPress tool “will display the websites that you have recently stumbled upon,” letting all your readers know what kinds of pages you’ve been checking out.”
  4. Auto Code Creator: Create your own unique text format that works every time you post a review or comment. The Auto Code Creator asks you to specify your layout only once so that you don’t have to type in the formatting code each time you open a text box.
  5. Archive Links Creator: File away your SU blog’s old posts by creating links to categorized archives.
  6. StumbleXchange: This website serves as another network for StumbleUpon users. Account holders can promote their personal Web pages by exchanging stumbles to increase their ranking and the number of hits they receive.
  7. Textbook Assistant: This free software adds the textbook assistant tool, which lets Stumblers manage HTML features.
  8. Quick Tag: The SU Quick tag boasts a more efficient way of adding popular tags and top personal tags to Stumble sites.
  9. Blog Parser: Download the SU blog parser so that other users can reformat and view your blog anyway they like, and vice versa.
  10. Best Friends: Sure you’ve got friends, but don’t you want best friends? This tool lets you differentiate your Stumble buddies by adding a Best Friends category to your list.

Applications and Extras Try out these fun little extras to give your stumbles more oomph.

  1. Facebook StumbleUpon: Connect your Facebook and SU profiles so that your most recent “thumbs up” stumbles can be displayed right on your Facebook profile page making it easier to share your Stumbles.
  2. Thumbs Up!: Thumps Up! is an online fanlisting of StumbleUpon enthusiasts. Meet up with other users to share sites, swap Stumble stories and news, or pledge to Stumble each other’s pages.
  3. Tag Blaster: This add-on provides directions for Internet Explorer users as well as Stumblers who prefer other browsers. Web developers will love the HTML options which allow for visible coding.
  4. Compare StumbleUpon Likes: This application “highlights common likes on StumbleUpon About pages” so that finding new friends is easier than ever.
  5. SUE: StumbleUpon Extreme (SUE) allows users to totally redesign their profile pages by integrating multimedia add-ons like YouTube videos, mp3 players, and more.
  6. SU Blog Lite: By contrast, SU Blog Lite features a minimalist approach to SU profiles. Choose only the apps and information you want, and hide or delete the ones you don’t.
  7. Highlight Replies Beta: Keep your eyes on this in-the-works app notifies you of new replies by color coding select threads.
  8. Sort Groups by Alpha: Manage all of your different SU groups by allowing this button to sort them in alphabetical order.
  9. Random Archive Bookmarklet: This user favorite “lets you generate a random archive page on all stumblers’ “Pages” pages.” Follow the link for a simple installation.
  10. Likes Counter: Count StumbleUpon Likes with this tool which combines your likes with the Preferences and About pages.


  1. Official Buttons: This page provides all the official scripts for adding StumbleUpon buttons onto your blog or site.
  2. Stumble This! for blogs: Encourage your readers to Stumble your articles for free by setting up this easy application.
  3. Link to Videos: The StumbleUpon experts give you the tools for linking up with SU videos from your site.
  4. Tag Toplist: This Mashable favorite “displays a top list of the most-used tags, and allows you to sort sort alphabetically or by tag count.”
  5. Stumbler Comments: Add a private textbox to pages for drafting, editing, and filing away all your comments.
  6. Colorize SU Thumbs: Tired of basic blue? Change your blog’s Stumble thumbs to green and red for a little more variety.
  7. Hover Enlarge: Stop straining your eyes and use this script to enlarge microscopic thumbnails when you hover over them with your mouse.
  8. Edit Fix: Have more control of your blog edits with the Edit Fix tool. Instead of letting StumbleUpon jerk you around from page to page while you edit, you can now choose to remain on the page you’re working on.
  9. Preview StumbleUpon Posts: If feel more like browsing through posts and comments, try out this script. It allows you to you preview the forums and inbox.
  10. StumbleUpon About Links: SU set many links to direct visitors to each user’s blog by default. If you’d rather tease new friends before letting them view your daily posts, change the links so that they connect with your profile instead.
  11. Review Permalinks: SU user Thlayli explains that this tool “changes the dates on SU review pages to permalinks so you can link people to a specific review.” Follow the link for more details and opinions found on the SU forum.
  12. Favorite Groups: Categorize your favorite pages by creating a group just for them. The Favorite Groups section appears on the Recent Conversations page, and you can add as many as you want.

Refer to this list whenever you feel like your Stumble skills are lacking. Fiddle around with scripts, follow the advice given in the how-to guides and tutorials, or add new features to spice up your Stumbles!


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