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  • Video Blogging Toolbox: 100 Tools, Resources & Free Software Packages

    If you're looking for new ways to use that video camera you got last Christmas or just want to spice up your blog a little, consider starting up a video blog. Video blogging, or vlogging as it's sometimes called, is the next step in getting what you have to say out there for everyone to see. It isn't for the shy however, as you'll no longer be able to hide behind all that text, and the whole world will know just what you look and sound like. Think you're ready to get started or to improve your video blog? Here are 100 tools and resources to get you on the road to video blogging success.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Blog Usability: 32 Tips & Resources

    Everyone loves to blog: CEOs, Web geeks, fashionistas, and even gardening grandmas. Blogging provides an outlet for those wanting to promote their businesses, publicize their political, social, or professional analyses, or to just meet other people like themsleves who share similar interests and lifestyles. But what good is your blog if no one wants to read it? To help attract more readers to your blog, we've generated a list of 36 tips and resources for you to implement in order to ensure maximum usability. If your blog is easy and fun to visit, you'll notice more readers flocking to your site.
  • Top 100 User-Centered Blogs

    Web designers often concern themselves with optimizing sites for spiders from Google, Yahoo, and other search engines, but pay little attention to creating sites that real people can use. This problem has sparked a movement towards user-centered web design, a topic that covers accessibility, web standards, and interfacing. Check out these blogs for the latest and greatest in this people-centric field of design.