30 Amazing (But Unknown) Google Apps You’ll Want To Try Right Now

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Whenever Google officially decides to take over the world, we will already be well-acquainted with their unending sets of online tools and applications and overall knack for simplifying our lives. If, for some reason, you’re still unaware of how the Google enterprise is revolutionizing the way even non-techies gather information and play on the Web, read below for 30 of the best Google applications that you need to try.

  1. Google Trends Visualizer: This app hows the latest hot searches in an exciting visual format.
  2. Google Scholar: Instead of schlepping your research materials to the local college library, try using Google Scholar, an online search engine that allows access to all kinds of scholarly journals, reviews, abstracts and more. No sign up required.
  3. Google Search on China Mobile: The Google Operating system blog reports that China Mobile is the world’s largest mobile operator, and that it has linked up with Google “to provide mobile and Internet search services in China…that will make it easier than ever before to find relevant content on the cellular phone.” These apps are designed to increase Google’s presence in the international technology circuit.
  4. World Wonders Project: Explore the Great Barrier Reef, the Pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge, and more from your computer.
  5. Google OneBox: Professionals in the business world tune in to OneBox to gain “access to information from business applications such as [the] contact database, calendar, CRM or BI system.”
  6. Google Public Data Explorer: This specialized search engine allows you to search through databases around the world, including the World Bank, OECD, Eurostat and the U.S. Census Bureau.
  7. SketchUp: This 3D sketch pad is free for the basic subscription, but according to CNET Reviews, “professionals will want the $500 version” for more complex designs. Sketchup also lets users share their drawings online with others and comes with clear, concise tutorials to help newbies figure out the system.
  8. Google Desktop 4: Manage all of your tools and apps with the Google Desktop, including Google tools and any other files you have on your computer. Utilize the iGoogle page and sidebar to give your desktop a personal design.
  9. Picasa Web Albums: This photo manager features new and improved functions, including the ability to publish albums online (or keep them private).
  10. IMAP for Gmail: IMAP for Gmail allows Gmail account holders to access their messages through Outlook and Apple Mail even when they’re offline, by “creat[ing] a constant connection between mail clients.”
  11. Google Ngram Viewer: This handy tool lets you search millions of books for keywords, and see how the frequency of their usage has changed over time.
  12. Google Correlate: Similar to the Ngram viewer, Correlate allows you to see trends in usage over time, but with searches instead of books. There’s also a very cool Search by Drawing function that allows you to draw your own chart, and Google finds data that matches it.
  13. Google Think Insights: Google Think Insights is a useful tool for entrepreneurs and professionals who are interested in Google’s analysis of trends in different industries.
  14. Full Value of Mobile: This tool will calculate about how much having a mobile site is worth. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, you’re missing out on business!
  15. Google Apps Premier Edition: Business owners will want to try out the Google Apps Premier Edition to set up their Google Calendar, Page Creator, security features, company start pages and other apps on a consistent company system.
  16. Mail Migration Tools: The Google Operating System Blog reports that earlier this year, “Google Apps added the option to migrate the messages from your existing email accounts [to your Gmail account] if you use the business or the educational edition.” This app is useful for new Gmail users who want to compile their e-mail accounts into one client without having to save individual messages.
  17. Domain Registration: With this app, system administrators can set up their own website, hosted by one of Google’s partners, for only $10 a year. According to the Google Apps site, “new domains come fully configured with the complete array of Google applications for your organization: personalized Gmail, Google Calendar, instant messaging, online document editing, and more.”
  18. AdWords Editor: Advertisers are probably already with this app, which helps them manage ad campaigns and banners by increasing editing options, even when they’re offline.
  19. Google Mobilizer: Wouldn’t it be great if all of your favorite websites were displayed nicely and neatly on your mobile phone? The Google Mobilizer makes that possible, by “mak[ing] any Web page mobile-friendly.”
  20. Click-to-Call: Google has given their advertisers a bit of a boost with this new feature. When Google users see an advertisement on one of Google’s pages, they can click on the the phone icon or call link to start a free call. Google will ask for the individual’s phone number, and once you type it in, you’ll receive a call (which won’t cost you a cent) from the advertiser.
  21. Transit: This app lets you “create your own transit trip, complete with itineraries and maps.” Currently, trip planning assistance is available for several U.S., Canadian, European and Japanese transit systems.
  22. Book Search: While nothing can compare to curling up with a real book, virtual ones are sometimes more practical, especially if you want to waste time at work. Use the Google Book Search to access entire texts of literature, non-fiction reference books and more.
  23. Google Finance: Customize your Google Finance page to include rates, progress reports, charts and updates for the stocks and trends you watch most closely.
  24. Google Life Search: This new Google tool is basically a Google Base for China to compete with local search engines.
  25. Archive Search: Forget dusting off old microfiche and microfilm from the library to discover archived photos and newspapers. Google’s Archive Search goes back 200 years and “can automatically create timelines which show selected results from relevant time periods” to augment your search.
  26. Sound Search for Google Play: Ever want to identify a song you hear on the radio or playing at a store or restaurant? Google’s Sound Search app can help! Available for Android only, the app will listen through your mic and help to identify and music playing nearby.
  27. Primer: Primer is a great project by Google that not many people know about. On Primer, you can access free marketing lessons via an Android or iOS app. They’re constantly adding new lessons, too.
  28. Google Authenticator: Available for both Android and iOS, Authenticator enables 2-factor authentication to help keep your accounts safe. It works with your Google account, plus a range of third-party services including LastPass.
  29. Google Gesture Search: This Android-only app allows you to search just by swiping your screen. By drawing letters or numbers on your phone or tablet screen, you can search through your contacts, applications, settings, music and bookmarks.
  30. Photo Sphere Camera: This iOS app lets you create 360-degree panoramas with your camera. You can also publish or share them directly to Google Maps through the app.

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