50 Things That Real Geeks Know Without Googling

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In days of yore, it was easy to spot a geek.

We were the ones:

  • who were into computers before they were ubiquitous
  • making LP videos before YouTube was a thing
  • wearing Casio’s Databank calculator watches before “wearable technology” was a buzzword
  • chatting on IRC before AIM was even invented
  • arguing with your friends about how many times Jean Grey has died

(Bonus geek points if you got all those references without Googling them.)

More recently, we were the ones inside on a sunny day indulging our unfashionable blog obsessions to the detriment of our social standing.

Now, thanks to the arrival of “geek chic”, what would once result in ridicule is now considered “really cool.”

Everyone has a computer, chats online, and knows all about Professor X, Iron Man, and the Flash. You’re no longer ridiculed or bullied for debating whether Han Solo shot first or dressing up as a comic book hero for Halloween.

When geek is the new cool, how do you separate the programmers from the poseurs, and the haxxors from the hipsters?

Being geeky isn’t just about loving superhero movies, playing the occasional RPG, or owning a smartwatch.

If you want to find out how geeky you really are – or put your friends to the test – see how much of this trivia you can recognise.

The quintessential well-rounded geek knows all about:

Geeky Movies & TV

Nowadays it’s easier than ever to find popular sci-fi, fantasy, or otherwise geeky shows and movies to watch. It seems like every other movie is a superhero or sci-fi flick. Suddenly it’s no longer considered unforgivably nerdy to wear a t-shirt featuring a comicbook character or to have a sci-fi movie collection.

But back in the day, not everyone watched geeky movies and TV. While everyone knows who Iron Man is now, your obscure knowledge of older shows and movies isn’t so common among this generation.

How many times have you seen the original Star Wars trilogy? If you think Greedo shot Han, or can’t tell the difference between an AT-AT and an AT-ST, we’re not sure you qualify as a true geek.

Do you know the right way to say “Live long and prosper,” or the proper response to it? Or where you can find the truth, according to Fox Mulder? Or what the ending of Evangelion really meant?

(Actually, we don’t know know that last one, either.)

Computer & Technology

Almost everyone today has a whole collection of computing devices, including laptops, tablets, e-book readers, smartphones, etc. Owning a computer and knowing how to use it doesn’t set you apart; it’s practically required for living in the modern era.

But just a few short decades ago, computers were reserved for scientists and researchers. Even today, a specialized or in-depth knowledge of computers sets you apart as geekier than the rest.

Do you keep your computer skills secret from friends and family, so they won’t constantly bug you to fix their stuff – and then blame you when they break it again?

Do you know how to build a BTC mining rig, a fighting robot, or jailbreak a phone?

Heroes & Villains

Of course, thanks to the popularity of the superhero movie genre, everyone knows the Avengers, Spider-Man, and Wolverine and the X-Men, not to mention Loki, Ultron, Green Goblin, and Magneto.

But a true geek’s knowledge of heroes and villains goes way beyond popular movies.

Who hangs out in the Fortress of Solitude? What’s engraved on the One Ring?

What does “Qapla'” or “Jaffa Kree!” really mean? (Bonus points if you actually speak Klingon.)

The Internet

Everyone can use Google, but only a geek knows how to specify file types or exclude certain terms. And while everyone knows how to browse the web and view websites, only geeks can build them.

How does your Google-fu measure up? Do you need to close <p> tags in HTML5?

Where is

Is there even such a thing as a “real geek” anymore?

You probably picked up on this already, but this is all tongue-in-cheek. Of course, you can still call yourself a geek even if you can’t use Linux, don’t play Warhammer, and hate Doctor Who.

These days, geekiness is more diverse than ever before.

So even if you don’t know who shot first in the Mos Eisley Cantina, we won’t hold it against you (much). Maybe anime is more your style, or programming apps is your thing.

Whatever flavor of geek you consider yourself, you’re more in style than ever!

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