Looking For Free Fonts?: Check Out Our List With 100 Legal Online Sources

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Are you a whiz at developing your site or blog, but need a little help tweaking smaller details, like fonts? Not to worry, there are loads of resources out there to help. Check out these sites for 100 of the best legal sources that feature free fonts for online development.

Most Popular

These are just a handful of some of the most popular free font sites out there.

  1. Font Squirrel: Browse thousands of free fonts on this easy-to-use site.
  2. Fontleech.com: This database provides a wealth of fonts for you to pick and choose from.
  3. 1001 Free Fonts: Search through the categories list to find what you’re looking for.
  4. Simply the Best Free Fonts: The fun fonts found here will brighten up your design project.
  5. Free Fonts: This site contains more than 55,000 fonts! Start searching now.
  6. Get Free Fonts: Download as many free fonts as you want on this site!
  7. Google Fonts: Hundreds of free, open source fonts from Google.
  8. FontSpace: Here, you can search by PC, Mac, or letter.
  9. Free Renaissance Fonts: This is a great resource for finding Old World-style fonts.
  10. Search Free Fonts: Search over 13,000 fonts that are all free to download.
  11. Quantum Enterprises: Download free fonts styled to look like real handwriting.
  12. Font Menu: Select free downloads from categories like machine readable, Old English, handwriting, and more.
  13. Chank.com: At Chank.com, you’ll find “handwriting fonts loaded with character.”
  14. Microsoft.com: Download free fonts and catch up on the latest computer news for Microsoft users.
  15. FFonts: Choose from hundreds of fonts that are free to download.
  16. FontFabric: The FontFabric blog frequently features free fonts to download.
  17. FontSpring: Fontspring has lots of free fonts for designers on a budget.
  18. The 100 best free fonts: CreativeBloq’s post on the best free fonts, updated for 2015.
  19. Fonts.com: While this site charges for most of its fonts, you get a free design when you sign up for their e-mail newsletter.
  20. 100 Must-have Free Fonts for Commercial and Personal Use: A curated list of well-designed free fonts.

Community-Powered Content

Forums and other interactive tools make searching on these sites even more fun.

  1. Urban Fonts: Urban Fonts is home to more than 8,000 freeware fonts as well as a blog and active forums.
  2. Abstract Fonts: Become a member and comment on fonts or what other users are saying.
  3. Fontcentral.com: Vote on the best fonts, and then add them to your favorites list.
  4. Linotype: This attractive site supports a “Font Lounge,” where you can read about featured designers.
  5. Scrappin Fun Fonts: Draw out your creation, scan and e-mail it to the designers at this Web site, and voila! You’ve got yourself your very own custom designed font to use…for free!
  6. 5 Star Shareware: Download sets of free fonts, all found on this community-based site.
  7. Smashing Magazine Blog: Try out the free fonts of the month after reading other users’ comments and reviews.
  8. The Free Country: This site connects programmers, Webmasters and designers. Follow the link to find free fonts just for you.
  9. The FreeType Project: Download free fonts and check out the developer’s corner for more cool features.
  10. Download.com: Read reviews of free fonts before you download them yourself.
  11. Typography Guru Forums: Join in on discussions around fonts, typography and design.
  12. Sell Your Fonts on MyFont: Add your font to the world’s largest collection of fonts and reach millions of customers.
  13. WhatTheFont Forum: Get help identifying fonts in the wild in MyFont’s free forum.
  14. Wanted Fonts: Preview and review choice fonts and dingbats here.

More Than Just Fonts

Find tutorials, software, and links to other great design resources on these sites.

  1. The FontFeed: On The FontFeed, you’ll find new fonts, news, and typography tips.
  2. Font Garden: This site has a font archive, handwriting tips, and more.
  3. Web Page Publicity: On this site, you can download free fonts, read free tips on Web marketing, and much, much more.
  4. The Free Site: Find free fonts, free wallpapers, free games, and more.
  5. Font Freak: Font Freak has several great tools for finding fonts, font installation software, and zip programs.
  6. Creamundo.com: Download your favorite fonts and store them in your own personal font library with Creamundo.
  7. Beautiful Fonts: When you’re finished looking for fonts, use the sidebars to connect you to clipart, pictures, wallpapers, and greeting cards.
  8. Best 100 Free: Find great fonts and more on this all-inclusive site.
  9. Font River: This site has fun fonts and information on font converters and downloading.
  10. 42 Free Fonts for Teachers: Check out these great free fonts for educators from the TeachJunkie blog.
  11. FreeTypography: Get free fonts plus read a typography blog for inspiration at FreeTypography.
  12. EKNP Free Fonts: Learn how to install fonts with this great tutorial from EKNP Free Fonts.
  13. The Font Site: The Font Site has a special section for free fonts, but don’t miss the news articles about what’s going on in the design and Web worlds.
  14. Mythical Ireland: Read news about archaeology and astronomy, and find some cool fonts inspired by mythical Ireland.
  15. Bravenet: This resource offers tutorials, references, audio clips, and of course, free fonts.
  16. Trade bit: This site has free fonts, a blog, software references, and more.
  17. Ades Blog: Stumble across tons of cool web stuff here, including free fonts and technology news.

Submit Your Own

Try developing your own fonts, and then upload them to the following sites for others to use.

  1. Dafont.com: Search the directory for great fonts, or submit your own to inspire someone else’s project.
  2. SearchFreeFonts.com: Submit your personalized fonts to add to the 13,000-plus font database.
  3. Identifont: Search by appearance, name, similarity and picture or send in your own designs.
  4. The Dingbat Pages: Create dingbats and send them in to be included in the database.
  5. KidsFonts: This site allows you to draw and design your own fonts. It’s geared towards kids to help them learn the alphabet.
  6. Fonts 101: Add to the already extensive font library by creating your personal design.
  7. Fontscape: Play around with your own creations, and then upload them onto this site.
  8. Font God: Learn how to “type with your own handwriting” on this innovative site.
  9. Greek Unicode Fonts: Get the best Greek fonts here for your specialty project.
  10. Flash Kit: This excellent resource shows you how to submit your own fonts for the rest of the community to share.
  11. Freebyte!: Freebyte! is “your guide to the Web.” Develop and submit your own fonts here.
  12. The PC Man Web site: Find cool tools, games, and other resources on this site exclusively for PC users. Don’t miss the section on downloading and submitting fonts.
  13. Free Logo Makers: Learn how to develop your own font and logo with Free Logo Makers.


These sites feature high quality free fonts.

  1. 100 Greatest Free Fonts Collection for 2015: Check out these high-quality, hand-picked free fonts for designers.
  2. Free Fonts X: This directory is the perfect “one-stop-shop” for starting your font search.
  3. Acid Fonts: Browse categories like: Christmas, 3D, Mac, Retro, or Stencil.
  4. Font Reactor: Preview each font before downloading. The most popular fonts are grafitti and gothic, so be sure to check them out.
  5. Fontstock.net: Search by letter to find the perfect font for your project.
  6. Showfont.net: Just click on a font to start downloading. Easy to search, easy to use!
  7. Fonts 4 U: Look through the archive or check out the “Newest Fonts” page to see what’s just been added.
  8. Unifonts: Unifonts sponsors 10 basic font designs for free.
  9. 40 New High-Quality Free Fonts: A great roundup from Smashing Magazine.
  10. 70 New High Quality Free Fonts For Professional Designers: Have fun looking through these superb font designs.
  11. Astigmatic One Eye: This site offers lots of fabulous fonts for you to try out on your newest project.
  12. Free Font Fiesta: Get inspired with the designs on Free Font Fiesta.
  13. The Font Pool: Search by category, foundry or keyword at The Font Pool.
  14. Dingbat Depot: This is the place to find tons of free dingbat fonts. Search categories like animals, cultural, funky, outer space, or romance.
  15. 20 Free Script Fonts You Can Download: Discover more listings for script font downloads.
  16. Free Ware Fonts: This extensive directory links you to free font sites all over the Internet.
  17. ealoha.com: Download font packages that are compatible with PCs.
  18. Divide by Zero: Free TrueType fonts are available on this great site.

Novelty Sites

From Disney to The Simpsons, these specific sites have fonts you probably never even thought of.

  1. Billy Bear: Find cute kids’ fonts for PCs.
  2. The Akbar Font: This designer has recreated and even adapted The Simpsons font, originally invented by Matt Groening.
  3. Aircraft and Military Fonts: Give your design a little more oomph with these solid fonts.
  4. Celtic Fonts: Explore many different kinds of Celtic fonts, all available on this site.
  5. Free Disney Fonts: Now you can download fonts for each of your favorite Disney characters: Aladdin, Mickey, Minnie, Flubber, and Pooh.
  6. Persian Unicode Fonts: This site is an excellent resource for finding fonts in Arabic.
  7. Greek Unicode Fonts: Get the best Greek fonts here for your specialty project.
  8. Scrapvillage: Find creative scrapbooking fonts at Scrapvillage.com. Search by number or letter.
  9. Font Diner: Vintage-inspired fonts are all the rage on this site. Follow the link to take you to the free fonts section.

More Resources

Check out this list for even more resources with free downloads.

  1. FontPalace: The “royal” collection of free fonts.
  2. High Fonts: Some of the fonts on this Web site require you to pay a fee, so make sure you stay in the “Free” section if you can’t spare the cash.
  3. Free Windows Fonts: These fonts are compatible with PCs.
  4. FontArea: This site serves as another directory for terrific free font sites.
  5. Free Fonts Collection: A massive and varied collection of exclusive free typefaces.
  6. Script Fonts at About.com: Download several great script fonts here.
  7. bittbox: Follow the link to check out “7 Free Grungy Script Fonts You Shouldn’t Miss.”
  8. Mike’s Sketch Pad: This site lists several great drawings for you to download.
  9. 63 Free Beautiful Wedding Fonts To Help You With Your Custom Design: Use these fonts to design your own wedding invitations or save the date cards.

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