The iPhone Development Roundup: 100 Apps, Tools, and Guides

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Whether you’re developing for the iPhone or just want to find more ways to play with your shiny new toy, there are loads of resources out there designed to help you out. From cool apps, to helpful tools, and easy to use guides, we’ve found 100 of the best. Read on to discover some of the most fun and useful developments for the iPhone. Apps Whether you want to play games, get organized, or find your way around town, these apps are some slick offerings.

  1. Navizon Virtual GPS: If you’re directionally challenged, get this virtual positioning system for the iPhone.
  2. Network Test: Network Test makes it easy to run a quick speed test on your iPhone’s network connection.
  3. iSubwayMaps: Get NYC subway maps on your iPhone with this app.
  4. TextEdit: For a basic iPhone word processor, check out TUAW’s TextEdit.
  5. iPhoneGold: 100 Free iPhone Games: For serious iPhone gamers, check out this resource for all of the games you might want to play.
  6. TipCalc: This app calculates your tip and total, and even offers the option to split the total between a specified number.
  7. iPhone Colloquy: This IRC client is made for the iPhone.
  8. Texterity: With Texterity, you can read magazines on the iPhone.
  9. NFL Schedule: Get access to NFL schedules and standings on your iPhone with this app.
  10. MobileTerminal: This terminal emulator makes using native applications on your iPhone possible.
  11. Toodledo: This web-based to do list will help you use your iPhone to get organized and stay productive.
  12. Telekinesis: Get access to your Mac via your iPhone using this software.
  13. Tilt: This game utilizes the iPhone’s unique motion control.
  14. Quote Sheet: An ideal tool for businesspeople on the go, Quote Sheet is a quotation and sales tool that you can use on the iPhone.
  15. iPhoneChat: Chat on AIM using this instant messaging app for the iPhone.
  16. Delicious Library: Scan the barcode of your books, movies, music, or video games, and this app will create a library of your media.
  17. MakeiPhoneRingtone: With this app, you can drag and drop ringtones onto your iPhone.
  18. SeeqPod: With SeeqPod, you can listen to millions of songs found online.
  19. MyNumo: Practice for Vegas with this high quality blackjack casino game for the iPhone.
  20. Unit Converter: Convert over 500 units of measure and currency on the fly with Unit Converter.
  21. TubeTV: Mac users can use TubeTV to download YouTube videos and convert them to the iPhone’s video format.
  22. iTube: If you’re on a Windows machine, you can download iTube to do the same thing as TubeTV.
  23. iTetris: Play this fun favorite on the iPhone with iTetris.
  24. TV Forecast: Get this personalized TV guide for the iPhone.
  25. heysan!: Get access to AIM, MSN, and ICQ on your iPhone with this app.
  26. Diamenty: If you like Bejeweled, you’ll love to play Diamenty, the iPhone implementation of the game.
  27. AccuWeather: Get a 15-day weather forecast for any world location with this AccuWeather app for the iPhone.
  28. OneTrip: Check out OneTrip for an easy to use shopping list that remembers items from one trip to the next.
  29. This Day In History: Find out what historical happenings occured today with this app.
  30. iPhoneAssassin: “Kill” other iPhone users in this game.
  31. JiWire: This WiFi hotspot finder makes it easy to find a place to get online. You can search for a specific address or find popular locations.
  32. Use to find information on movie tickets, showtimes, ratings, and more. You’ll even be able to find links to buy tickets, view trailers and find theaters with Google Maps integration.
  33. Solitaire: Get the iPhone version of this perennial game favorite here.
  34. Pirate App: Turn any photo of a person into a pirate picture using this app.
  35. iLounge: Find news, forums, apps, and more with iLounge Mobile.
  36. iFlickr: Upload your iPhone photos directly to Flickr with this app.
  37. iPhone Sudoku: Take in a Sudoku game on the road with this fun app.
  38. do.Oh: This to do list is iPhone friendly.
  39. iWeathr: Get quick access to doppler radar with iWeather’s connection to
  40. iSaber: The iSaber makes lightsaber noises and shows an image on the screen.
  41. With this app, you can find the cheapest gas in your area while you’re on the go.
  42. Earthcomber: With Earthcomber, you can find useful spots like restaurants, free WiFi, and ATMs. This app has GPS accuracy and integrates with Google Maps.

Tools If you need a way to unlock or relock your iPhone, emulate the screen, or blog on the go, these tools are well worth checking out.

  1. GUI Tool: Use this GUI tool to unlock your iPhone and use it with any SIM card.
  2. Widgetop: Widgetop opens up access to lots of widgets, including some that serve up Wikipedia searches and RSS.
  3. JuiceCaster: Use JuiceCaster to upload and share your iPhone media with others on MySpace, Blogger, and more.
  4. iPhoneDrive: Use your iPhone as a storage device with this tool.
  5. AddPhone: Add iPhone apps on the fly with this tool.
  6. iActivator/strong>: Activate and deactivate your iPhone with this tool.
  7. iPhoneWebDev on Google Groups: iPhone developers in search of assistance and knowledge should check out this forum for developers on Google Groups.
  8. iPhoneWebDev FAQs: Find answers to your iPhone development questions on this site.
  9. Dodgeball: With Dodgeball, you can broadcast the location of your iPhone, find friends, and map specific locations.
  10. MockDock: This tool links to iPhone-ready apps.
  11. MobileSyncBrowser: Back up your SMS text messages with this tool.
  12. iPhone Developer’s Wiki: For iPhone development guidance, be sure to check out this knowledgebase.
  13. TruPhone: Get VoIP on your iPhone using TruPhone’s service.
  14. Appleopolis: Use Appleopolis to find, manage, and rate iPhone applications from your device.
  15. TypePad for the iPhone: Blog on TypePad from your iPhone using this tool.
  16. Jott: Use Jott to transcribe an email to yourself from your iPhone. You’ll be able to store, manage, and share these messages.
  17. iUnlock: You can use your iPhone with any SIM card with this tool.
  18. iPhoney: If you’re developing for the iPhone, see how your app works on it using the iPhoney tool.
  19. Magic Tricks: Check out this resource for loads of magic tricks you can perform with your iPhone.
  20. Pickle: With Pickle, you can instantly share photos and videos with others by sending your files to a special email address.
  21. TestiPhone: See how the iPhone works by checking out this simulator.
  22. TUAW’s Screenshot Utility: Check out this general purpose screenshot utility for the iPhone.
  23. iPhoneWebDev Examples: If you’re an iPhone developer in need of examples, you’ll find what you need here.
  24. SSH for the iPhone: Use this tool to SSH into a server on the go.
  25. Popularity Dialer: Use the popularity Dialer to get a scheduled phone call that will conveniently interrupt you on a blind date or meeting with your boss. Or just to have another excuse to pull out your iPhone, of course!
  26. AppTap: Use this tool to install, uninstall, and update applications from multiple sources on your iPhone.

Guides Don’t try to reinvent the wheel–rely upon these extensive knowledgebases to do cool and useful things with the iPhone.

  1. Remote Control Your Computer with Your iPhone: Check out this guide to find out how to turn your iPhone into a killer remote control.
  2. iPhone development with PHP and XML: Follow this guide to develop with the iPhone using tools you’re probably already familiar with.
  3. Simple business card iPhone/iPod stand: Follow the steps in this tutorial to create a cheap and easy stand for your iPhone.
  4. Listen to iPhone music through a Bluetooth headset: This guide describes how you can listen to audio through a Bluetooth headset.
  5. Run Widgets (kinda) on your iPhone: This tutorial shows you how to attempt to run Microsoft Dashboard widgets on the iPhone.
  6. Put Your Content in My Pocket: In this guide, Craig Hockenberry of A List Apart runs down the process of bringing your content to the iPhone.
  7. Optimizing Web Applications and Content for iPhone: Check out this official developer’s guide from Apple.
  8. Unlocked iPhones: How to re-enable voicemail: If you’ve lost access to voicemail on your unlocked iPhone, check out this how-to for help.
  9. McCallum’s Awesome iPhone Period-Typing Shortcut: Use this iPhone typing trick to save both time and frustration.
  10. Quick guide to iPhone skinning: Changing the look of the home screen, keyboard and more: Get the lowdown on customizing the look of your iPhone in this how-to.
  11. David Pogue’s Favorite iPhone Tricks: Discover tips and tricks that David Pogue loves, but Apple hasn’t included in the manual.
  12. How to re-lock your unlocked iPhone to avoid bricking: Apple has warned iPhone users that a future software update could turn unlocked iPhones into inoperable gadgets, so if you want to be on the safe side, check out this tutorial on how to re-lock your device.
  13. The unofficial iPhone SDK: Guide to writing native iPhone applications: Get the lowdown on developing native iPhone apps in this guide.
  14. Hack the iPhone Notes App: Switch the font of your Notes app using this tutorial.
  15. mp3 Ringtone: Use this simple hack to turn any iTunes mp3 file into a ringtone.
  16. iPhone Development Standards: Check out this guide to standards in developing for the iPhone to ensure quality.
  17. iPhone voice dialing (sort of) for $5 a month: Get the lowdown on getting access to voice dialing with this guide.
  18. Installing the iPhone Developer Toolchain: A Simple How-To: Get some guidance on installing the iPhone developer toolchain here.
  19. Guide to native applications for the iPhone: This guide gives the lowdown on getting native applications onto your iPhone.
  20. 17 powerful bookmarklets for your iPhone: Read this post from LiveClever for 17 bookmarklets that give you quick access to text searches, Wikipedia, translation, and more.
  21. Install third-party iPhone applications–directly from your iPhone: Get iPhone apps on your device without having to use your Mac.
  22. iPhone 101: Uploading your Pictures to Flickr and Printing Sites: Find out how to upload your iPhone photos to popular sites here.
  23. Disabling the iPhone’s EDGE/GPRS data access: If you need to temporarily cut off your data access, follow the steps in this guide.
  24. 8 Ways to Get Ringtones Onto Your iPhone: This guide from Gizmodo runs down 8 options for getting iPhone ringtones.
  25. iPhone: How to Delete Email: Get rid of old emails on your iPhone using this tutorial.
  26. iPhone 101: Browser-based playlists: The Unoffocial Apple Weblog has created this guide to putting together a playlist that’s browser based, all on the fly.
  27. Short and Sweet SSH Guide for the iPhone: Get walked through setting up SSH in this guide from Gizmodo.
  28. Highrise for the iPhone: Check out this tutorial to find out how to integrate 37 Signals’ Highrise app with your iPhone.
  29. Blog From Your Cell Phone: This tutorial runs down how you can create a blog and send posts to it, all from your cell phone.
  30. iPhone Coding: Using the Accelerometer: The Unofficial Apple Weblog has put together this guide to using the iPhone’s Accelerometer.
  31. iPhone camera as microscope: Check this out to find out how to turn your iPhone’s camera into a microscope.
  32. How to sync the iPhone with two computers: Get your iTunes libraries from two computers synched up on one iPhone with this guide.


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