Top 50 College and University Blogs

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Out of a potential list of hundreds, we have created a list of the Top 50 College and University Blogs in the US. Whether you are looking to choose a study path, advance your career or learn about campus events, culture or lifestyle you will find a wealth of information on this list.

We picked blogs that are active, and constantly updated with new content. We have also chosen blogs that display enthusiasm and a positive attitude toward campus life.

We also include a wide range of blog specializations, from legal matters to photography and style trends.

  1. Office / PixabayStrayer University – Buzz  Blog – Focusing on success, this blog shares a wealth of career development tips along with useful articles on studying and achieving a good work/life balance. An excellent resource for working adults and online learners!
  2. American  University – Career Advisor – A careers and skills advice blog for undergraduates and graduates. Provides great tips and useful information on job applications and interview techniques as well as on how to make good career decisions while still studying. This blog is perfect for career advice and more!
  3. Goucher College – Career Development Office – Covering helpful articles from choosing a career to job interview techniques, this blog also posts interesting interviews from graduates as they share their stories of moving from education into full-time employment.
  4. Boston College – Career Edge – Covering important aspects of career development to give you the edge, this blog has articles on preparing your first resume, networking, interview and internship tips. It also includes unique and inspiring videos such as “ How to Find a Job When One Doesn’t Yet Exist”.
  5. Bentley University – The PreparedU View – Helping you, the Millennial, prepare for the 21st century workplace. Includes articles on women in business, higher education, company profiles and much more to help you develop your career plan, gain work and succeed.
  6. Concorde Career College Blog – A blog about medical and health care professions with an abundance of career information on radiology, dental hygiene, physical therapy, medical office support, and nursing. Also provides a wide variety of useful health and wellness tips and information. A great resource for anyone seeking information about careers in the health and medical fields.
  7. DeVry University Blog – This informative blog features a great selection of topics in the areas of technology, business, health care, and lifestyle. Articles range from tips for job interviews and resume writing to unique networking ideas.  Also provides multi-faceted information on career opportunities and job market reviews for students and professionals alike.
  8. Chemeketa Community College – Small Business Development Center – A community college blog which focuses on business and industry. Includes, among many other topics, articles on forecasting, marketing, project management, small business, and legal issues. An additional selection of international business and inventions and patents articles completes this well-rounded blog.
  9. WordPress / PixabayStratford University Blog – Offers a wide variety of information with helpful articles on career development and startup businesses, student internships, and posts from culinary students along with tech reviews. It also offers a great selection on posts related to international studies.
  10. University of Denver – Pioneer Career Blog – The Pioneer Career Blog is an invaluable resource for students. It features interesting and helpful articles on internships, job interviews, honor societies, resumes, and career fairs – everything a college student needs in order to succeed in career planning and job search.
  11. University of Vermont – Brainwaves Blog – A college lifestyle blog with helpful articles on careers, business, and education. Provides  a diverse travel and culture section which includes recipes and helpful studying abroad tips along with health articles. This blog also features an interesting selection of articles on local topics about Vermont farming, skiing, lakes and history and culture.
  12. Bryant & Stratton College Blog – An online education blog with video postings and webinars. Focuses on readers who are ready to return to school and provides resources such as career service topics and financial aid articles. Also features the “Instructor Blog”, a series of helpful articles written by online instructors to assist students with study and organizational issues.
  13. Cornerstone University – On Demand  Blog – An in depth business, HR, and management blog which focuses on talent management and the future workplace while also posting articles about learning and technology. It has many helpful tips that students will be able to take with them into the real-world with business lesson posts such as how to engage and reward employees.
  14. Baylor College of Medicine – From the Labs – A detailed and interesting research blog for medical and biomedical science students. From The Lab discusses the latest research information covering genetics, genomics, neuroscience, public health, diseases and more.
  15. The Art Institutes – AI Blog – An interesting blog for all students studying the arts, whether it be culinary arts, graphic and web design, film, fashion or animation. The site posts many on-trend topics along with designer/worker profiles which are sure to inspire students onto greater things!
  16. Frostburg State University – The BPen Blog – A lighthearted yet useful blog for new students which provides tips on navigating college life in a happy, yet healthy and safe way. Covering the education/studying aspect as well as college lifestyle with posts including “College Survival Tips”, “Ways to Reduce Your Stress” and “Top 5 Things to do at a Party Rather Than Drink”.
  17. Herzing College Blog – A useful career blog to help you choose an industry/job. This blog has a wide selection of case-studies of different jobs in various industries, ranging from care worker to broadcaster with everything in between and lists the key skills needed to be the best. Also offers general advice for multitasking and organizing on the job.
  18. ECPI University Blog – An engaged careers blog covering the medical, engineering and technology / security industries. Articles discuss the skills needed to succeed in these fields, including resume tips, case studies and the impact of technology on these areas of work.
  19. Columbia College – Portfolio  Center Blog – Aimed at creative industry professionals and students, this blog lists the newest and most interesting  job and internship opportunities based in and around the Chicago area. A great resource for information on successful career development!
  20. Library / PixabayKaplan University – IT Publications – An informative blog for all IT and business students as well as students who are interested in IT outside of formal studies. Topics include cybersecurity and cybercrime, web design, and cloud computing along with articles to help you advance your career in IT.
  21.  Southern Maryland – CSM Voices – Read real-life stories from your peers at CSM. Learn about their struggles and triumphs, the life-lessons in and out of school that they have learned, and tips they wish to pass onto current and future students.
  22. University of Idaho – Women’s Center Blog – A thought-provoking blog by women which highlights issues on gender and social justice. Though not related to studying, this blog will help to broaden students’ minds and open up discussions and debating! Topics include our world as shown through the media, religion and moral rights, women in the workplace and much more.
  23. Central Piedmont Community College – Career Services Blog – Provides many useful tips and tricks to succeed in job hunting and landing your desired job plus help with managing your studies and surviving finals. Topics range from career exploration and researching companies to writing cover letters, networking and dressing-for-success on the interview and at work.
  24. Brooks College – Photography and Film Blog – An informative faculty blog for those interested in the visual arts. Mostly focused on photography with a selection of “How To” and Tips articles, the blog also covers multiple topics for screenwriters and filmmakers.
  25. Carrington College Blog – Aimed at medical, dental and veterinary students, this blog focuses on health, student career development, student stories and student tips. Includes life-saving infographics such as How To Give CPR along with more light-hearted topics such as “10 Things Only Nurses Will Understand”.
  26. AIB College of Business – Inside AIB – The AIB blog offers advice for all students, not just business students. Helpful posts on every-day student topics such as dealing with roommates and homesickness plus tips on staying healthy. Tech Tuesday is also a regular feature, highlighting study resources and entertainment apps.
  27. Colorado State University – ValueED BlogMostly focusing on “non-traditional students” through articles on online studies and adult-learners, this blog offers advice on how to make the most of your education (and if university is right for you). Also offers ideas on how to overcome any stigmas associated with being a non-traditional student.
  28. University of Idaho – Law Student Ambassadors Blog – A useful resource for new law students, this blog covers aspects of what law school will be like, and how to succeed in the different challenges you will face through posts written by peers. Article topics also include the Bar Application, Pro-Bono work and more.
  29. Metropolitan Community College – Writing Center Underground – A blog full of helpful grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and writing style tips for the English student as well as for other students looking to improve their writing skills and write better essays.  Easy to grasp tips with helpful examples on writing dialogue, citing resources and more.
  30. Biola University – Biola Now – A thought provoking faculty blog geared primarily toward students who are of the Christian faith and whose education is centered around the bible. Many articles are focused on interpreting bible verses and scriptures as well as  promoting students’ spiritual development. An invaluable resource for Christian students who are looking for spiritual insight beyond the college degree.
  31. University lecture / PixabayDakota County Technical College – Visual Communications Blog – A blog for creative visual students covering photography, graphic design and web design along with creative career tips and inspiration. Includes links to free resources and book and product reviews plus designer case studies to inspire you.
  32. Auburn University – Miller Writing Centre Blog – A writing tip blog that all students should read and can learn from. “Tutor Tip Tuesday” and “Writing Boo-Boo” posts include bite-size tips to improve on grammar, punctuation and referencing. Lots of useful information on improving writing skills for everyone!
  33. Cambridge Junior College Blog – Includes inspiring success stories from peers as well as articles and videos on whether choosing education and going back to school is right for you. For the graduate who has already made that choice, the blog offers many tips for job interviews and career success.
  34. Azusa Pacific College – APU Articles – A blog focused on evangelical Christian topics and ethics. It is centered around the university’s identity and mission of “God First”. Also covers world news topics such as the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall as well as health and lifestyle articles.
  35. Brigham Young University – BYU News – A diverse news blog focusing on BYU topics such as business, art, family, technology and engineering, health, and religion. Also features a “Student Achievements” section with inspiring student accomplishments.
  36. Brigham Young University – Newsroom Blog – Besides publishing campus news articles for students of BYU, the site also writes insightful articles that students studying outside of Hawaii will find useful. Sections include the benefits of studying abroad, education news and research such as articles about truancy and the psychology of social media.
  37. Sanford-Brown – Student Life Blog – An informative and well-rounded blog, all students should find something of interest here! Covering a range of topics from photography and fashion design to business along with industry news and health awareness topics. Tips for job interviews and studying are also featured.
  38. Black Hills State University Blog – An up and coming blog (only started in the Summer of 2014) about student life with useful articles for those thinking of applying for college/university. Also covers a multitude of topics for students ranging from freshmen to seniors. Posts discuss studying abroad, networking with your peers, surviving exams and more.
  39. Florida Institute of Technology Blog – A blog about the Florida community with news, student stories, and information about campus life. Also features the “Women’s Business Center”, providing tools and resources for women to help them succeed in their professional lives and with their career development. “Countdown to College” is a great resource for freshmen with topics such as time management and an introduction into Florida Tech traditions.
  40. Bard College – Eco Reader – The Eco Reader is a blog focused on environmental issues, giving students from Bard (and beyond) the knowledge and the resources for creating a world which is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Read stories from students who have worked with a number of charities including WWF along with articles on climate change, renewable energy, ecosystems and much more.
  41. Faulkner University Blog – A Christian university blog focusing on campus news but also a variety of online learning tips. The blog also posts interesting Christian resources/articles and career advice articles which have a criminal justice degree focus.
  42. Jacksonville University – The Wave Magazine – Alongside campus news The Wave publishes health and fitness articles in its “Fit Life” section, where you can learn about the benefits of power naps and ask yourself if you are getting enough sunshine vitamin. Marine science articles are also featured in which students and residents of Jacksonville can learn more about the local area.
  43. Emory University – News Center – Mostly focusing on health topics, the Emory News Center also publishes student news and campus lifestyle articles including film reviews. Sustainability and Human Resource topics round off a wide selection of interesting topics.
  44. Mississippi College – Choctawk Blog – College tips written by students to inspire and motivate everyone from freshman to senior throughout the year. Also includes some fun personal posts written by peers with ideas for enjoying the holidays and surviving exams along with campus news.
  45. Burlington College – Burlington 360 – Mostly focusing on news and information for Burlington students, this blog also has helpful articles that high school graduates will benefit from. It offers great advice for writing your personal statement and making the right impression on your admissions interview along with information on dual enrollment and the benefits and pitfalls.
  46.  Austin Community College – The Accent – A magazine which is not afraid to cover some heavy topics including abortion and death rights. Published by students for students, it has helpful tips for handling stress and exams. The blog has a wide variety of written articles as well as audio posts and videos.
  47. Book / PixabayCalifornia Institute of the Arts – 24700 Blog – A blog by students, staff, faculty, and Alumni dedicated to a wide variety of topics such as art, theatre, graphic design, film, dance, music, design and history. Articles showcase works and exhibitions from the wider CalArts community along with articles which explore new art forms and expressions.
  48. Hardwood College of Art – New and Events Blog – This art blog features the latest news and campus events as well as classes from Hardwood. It is full of inspiring photographs of artists’ latest work. Anyone with an interest in arts and crafts will likely find inspiration for their next project here.
  49. Colby-Sawyer College – The Courier – Mostly covering campus news, The Courier also features opinion and review pieces for local events and establishments. A great resource for those in the central New Hampshire region.
  50. Marlboro College Blog – A cultural news and events blog for the undergraduates and graduates at Marlboro. Explore what other students are achieving with blog posts on film screenings, latest exhibitions from art students, musicians and upcoming workshops.

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