69 Techie Uses for Duct Tape

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As one of the world’s most useful products, pretty much everyone loves duct tape, but techies seem to have a special place in their hearts for the versatile adhesive. From the practical to the slightly silly, here is a list of some of the best techie uses for duct tape.

Computer Techies

This section is for that special breed of techies: the computer techies. Read on to find cool ways to use duct tape for your computer and accessories.

  1. Create your own Post-It: The Duct Tape Guys urge you to eliminate flaky Post-Its altogether by duct taping your notes to your computer monitor. Another tip? You can scribble away forumulas and codes on the actual duct tape with a Sharpie.
  2. Organize wires: Lots of computer techies keep several different computers and computer accessories around the house, just in case. Wrap a few layers of duct tape around all the unruly wires to keep them from getting tangled up.
  3. Repair your worn out computer chair: If you’ve been sitting in the same computer chair year after year, you probably need to make a few repairs. Cover up any holes with a few strips of duct tape, and wrap some of the sticky adhesive around any arms or legs that need extra support.
  4. Re-bind your manuals.: Your software and programming manuals have probably also received a lot of wear and tear over the years. If the binding is starting to come undone, use duct tape to keep the pages in place.
  5. Create promotional items to jumpstart your business: If you’re looking to beef up your clientele, start creating easy-to-make promotional items, like these duct tape hats to get the word out. Once you make the hat, you can use Sharpies and stickers to design a logo or advertise your services.
  6. Laptop security: To keep would-be intruders from peeking at your important files, duct tape your laptop shut all the way around when you’re not using it. No one will be able to break in without you finding out.
  7. Dust off your computer: Use the sticky side of duct tape to catch the dust bunnies that hibernate inside in and around the backside of your keyboard, monitor, mouse, and computer fan.
  8. Make your own mousepad: Completely cover a magazine with neatly applied strips of duct tape. You can design the mousepad however you want: write messages to yourself, make a collage of your favorite techie idols, or work out new programming ideas and formulas.
  9. Organize your files: Keep your product warranties, client information, and other files organized by creating a duct tape filing system. Attach duct tape pockets to regular file folders, and keep them separated with study duct tape dividers.
  10. Fix your printer: Printers are always falling apart. Use duct tape to reattach loose covers or trays.
  11. Make the most of your speakers: Hang or attach your speakers anywhere in the room! Duct tape them to the wall, ceiling or anywhere else you can find room.
  12. Prevent carpal tunnel syndrome: Wrap your wrists in splints to keep them supported. You might look funny, but your body will thank you years later.
  13. Make a computer case: A sleek duct tape computer case will keep you connected wherever you are. Don’t forget to make the shoulder strap!
  14. Create a shelving system near your desk so you never have to move: Use the makeshift shelves and pockets — constructed out of duct tape of course — to stash snacks, water, and a hand towel so that you never have to leave your beloved machine.

Video, Camera, and Theater Techies

Sometimes you might feel a bit left out of the techie world, but we’ve come up with a whole list just for those artsy guys and girls who work in the theater or with camera equipment.

  1. Label everything: From lights to prop tables to marking the stage, slapping down some duct tape is the easiest way to label things around the theater.
  2. Transform sandals into closed-toe shoes: What’s the number one rule when working on set? No sandals! If you can’t bear to part ways with your sandals, simply wrap duct tape around all the openings…and voila! You’ve got temporary closed-toe shoes.
  3. Make a shoulder bag: If you have a lot of equipment to haul around each day, create a shoulder bag totally out of duct tape. You can buy one at DuctTapeFashion.com, or just click on the photos for ideas.
  4. Use glow-in-the dark tape backstage: Glow-in-the-dark duct tape can be used as little lights to guide you to the wings from the green room or dressing rooms. Just make sure the audience won’t be able to notice it!
  5. Reattach camera equipment: If your video camera or regular camera starts falling apart, simply reattach the faulty piece with a piece of duct tape!
  6. Use as a Band-Aid: Check out number 15 on this list for a clever way of covering up the unsightly wounds you get during strike.
  7. Build sets: If there aren’t enough drills to go around, whip out your roll of duct tape to keep working on sets. Hold together platforms, props, and more!
  8. Keep the batteries in your camera: Remembering to charge the batteries is only half the battle. If the little plastic flap that’s supposed to hold your batteries in place suddenly breaks, don’t go out and buy a brand new camera. A small strip of duct tape will keep your batteries from slipping out.
  9. Make cue cards: Create cue cards for those actors who can’t seem to remember their lines. How hard can it be anyway?
  10. Duct tape the mic in place: Sometimes the microphone just won’t stay upright no matter what you do. Tape it to the stand or wrap two microphones together to maximize sound.
  11. Tape off “Crew Only” rooms and stairways: Those silly actors can get hurt making out in the shop or up on the platforms and tech stairways. Attach a large strip of duct tape across the doorways to deny them access.
  12. Tape down parts of the lightboard: To keep yourself from getting confused, cover up the switches and controls you’re NOT using for the show with pieces of duct tape. Only reveal the ones you need to use.
  13. Repair costumes: If one of the actors rips his or her costume just before an entrance, use duct tape to hold their outfit together until the wardrobe department can get their hands on the tears.
  14. Keep lights secure: Whether you’re concerned with a loose light up above or shaky floodlights, entomb lights with duct tape to keep them secure.

General Geeky Uses

Following is a general list of geeky things you can make with duct tape. Have fun!

  1. Use instead of a pocket protector: Hold pens, mini notepads, and a small screwdriver in your pocket without a pocket protector. Duct tape the items to the inside of your pocket to hold them in place.
  2. Organize your DVDs and CDs: Make a binder with pockets to store all your DVDs and CDs. The best part? You can write on the duct tape to label each movie or album.
  3. Make a wallet: Follow the instructions from wikiHow to make your very own duct tape wallet. It’s a techie favorite!
  4. Dress up as a computer for Halloween: Cover yourself in gray and black duct tape, and use a Sharpie to draw on the specifics.
  5. Make a tool belt: Keep screwdrivers and other techie tools handy with your very own duct tape tool belt.
  6. Design duct tape curtains: If you’re a techie, you’re probably locked in your lab, darkroom, or backstage area most of the day. Keep out “unnatural” sunlight with heavy duty duct tape curtains.
  7. Fix your TV antennae: Give your TV’s antennae a little more structure and support with duct tape.
  8. Make your own cell phone case: Follow this simple guide from the Duck Tape Club to make your own snazzy cell phone case.
  9. Personalize your shoelaces: If you’re hunkered down at your computer all day, you probably don’t have time for a lot of tedious, everyday chores like say, going out and buying new shoelaces. This tutorial will show you how to make your own out of duct tape!
  10. Fix your backpack: Carrying around tons of books, a laptop, and other gadgets might result in a torn shoulder strap or busted zipper. Repair your backpack with duct tape, and it’s as good as new.
  11. Create a glasses case: Designing a simple glasses case won’t take you much time. Click here to find out how.
  12. Fix or create a guitar strap: A guitar strap like this one will save you an extra trip to the store.
  13. Tape your DVD player shut: If your disc drive on your DVD player won’t stay shut, duct tape it closed so that you can enjoy your movie.
  14. Use for Bookcovers: Use different colors of duct tape to make bookcovers for your school books.

Alternative Uses

From getting rid of nasty warts to making your own sandals, this list includes a bunch of bizarre ideas for duct tape-inspired remedies and crafts.

  1. Lock yourself in your room: Doesn’t everyone know that you have important work to get done? Secure duct tape along the door frame to keep pesky family members and roommates from entering.
  2. Tape someone’s mouth shut: Only if they won’t shut up, of course.
  3. Give your girlfriend roses: Real roses die within a week. Give your girlfriend a bouquet of duct tape roses, and she’ll love you and your geeky skills forever.
  4. Lint Remover: Use strips of duct tape to remove pesky cat or dog hair from your clothes, furniture, and carpet.
  5. Wart Remover: This article is just one of many we found that suggests an alternative, but effective, treatment for warts.
  6. Lunch Box: Start with a basic design, then finish off with a funky picture, logo, or decoration. Everyone at school or work will be jealous of your custom-made lunch box.
  7. Make a message board: Cover a large wall surface with gray or black duct tape for the background. Stick on squares of multi-colored duct tape for your messages and reminders. You can keep layering new squares on top of the old ones each time an important date passes..
  8. Design a your own purse: Hey, just because you’re a techie doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable! Follow the instructions on this guide to make a sassy handbag.
  9. iPod Shuffle Case: Read the entry on this blog to make a case for your iPod Shuffle.
  10. Flip Flops: Duct tape isn’t just for repairing sandals…now you can actually make a pair! Use this guide to find out how.
  11. Face Mask: Okay, so you’ve been feeling a little antisocial lately. Make a duct tape mask to lurk around incognito. No one will bother you, because no one will recognize you!
  12. Duct Tape Dummy: Make a life size duct tape dummy to have as your constant companion. Make a duct tape ball for the head, cover a pillow for the body, and attach duct tape arms and legs.
  13. Fix your glasses: Whether they’ve broken completely in two or you’re missing an earpiece, use duct tape to fix your glasses.
  14. Repair headphones: Sometimes even the best pair of headphones can start to fall apart. Duct tape them back together instead of going shopping for new ones.


The following uses couldn’t really be categorized in any particular sections. Read on for more techie ideas.

  1. Keep the batteries in your flashlight: If your flashlight’s broken, wrap duct tape around the base to keep the batteries from falling out.
  2. Duct Tape Server: Check out this blog for the story of how Duct Tape Server was built.
  3. Wallpaper: Wallpaper your entire room with duct tape. You can write on it and patch it up with more duct tape if it starts to tear!
  4. Duct tape your hand to your mouse to keep you from taking too many breaks!
  5. Patch holes in your clothes: If you can’t be bothered to run to the store for a new pair of jeans, patch up any holes and tears with a handy strip of duct tape! Who knows, you might even like it better that way.
  6. Decorate your computer monitor: Wrap duct tape around the edges of your computer monitor for an edgy, techie feel.
  7. Label cables with colored duct tape: Place a thin strip of colored duct tape on a cable or wire to differentiate it from all the others around it.
  8. Keep children away from outlets: Place a patch of duct tape over any open outlets to child-proof your home.
  9. Re-enforce the phone cord: Number 75 on this list suggests wrapping duct tape around a phone cord for extra durability.
  10. Make your own bumper sticker: Write your favorite techie phrase on a large strip of duct tape to let everyone know what you stand for.
  11. Make a reflective vest: Use glow-in-the-dark tape for when you go out at night. Those little lights on your bicycle just don’t cut it.
  12. Design a cubby hole system for all your materials: To help you keep track of all the cables, manuals, and other techie materials, make a duct tape cubby system, just like you had in preschool.
  13. Seat cushion: Cover a small pillow or cushion with duct tape to create a comfy seat cushion that you can take everywhere. Its sleek surface means it’s waterproof and easy to clean.

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