34 Hacks, Tips and Tutorials to Make Your Linux Box Work Like a Mac

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Whether you love Apple's design and functionality, or just want to play around with your computer, it can be both fun and helpful to emulate a Mac while running Linux. Here, you'll find tutorials, hacks, tools, and more that can help you copycat Mac.

  1. Mac-On-Linux: Using Mac-On-Linux, you can run Mac operating systems of PowerPC Linux computers.
  2. Mac OSX-like Linux: Read this thread to find advice for Linux users looking for a Mac experience.
  3. Tomboy: Mac OSX offers stickies, Linux doesn't. Use Tomboy to get this function back, as well as a few extras.
  4. WPS Office: KOffice is very much comparable to AppleWorks, offering word processing, vector illustration, spreadsheets, and more.
  5. Approcket: To get Mac's Quicksilver app launcher, try Approcket instead.
  6. How to: Enable Rendezvous on Fedora Linux: You can advertise Linux DNS using Apple's Rendezvous. Find out how to do it here.
  7. Mac Fonts: Check out this resource to download Mac fonts.
  8. OSX-Tiger Theme: Download this theme that imitates OSX Tiger's Aqua theme.
  9. GIMP: The Gnu Image Manipulation Program is a lower-powered open source Photoshop clone.
  10. Turn your PC into a Mac: Although aimed at Windows, this tutorial is helpful for Linux as well.
  11. Sharpkeys: If you're used to reaching for the Apple key to hit control, use Sharpkeys to switch your control and alt keys.
  12. Top Desk: For Expose lovers, check out Top Desk. It offers the same functionality that lets you find windows fast.
  13. AppleLinux: Download AppleLinux, and your login screen will look like Apple's.
  14. OpenQuicktime: Get this clone of Apple's QuickTime for better Linux support.
  15. Make Your Linux Desktop Look Like A Mac: Learn how to make Linux look like a Mac using Mac4Lin in this tutorial.
  16. OS X Wallpaper: Download a jpg of Mac OS X wallpaper here.
  17. Mac4Lin: Using Mac4Lin, you can get Mac OS X's user interface on GNU/Linux and Unix operating systems.
  18. Rainlendar: This desktop calendar can be skinned to look like it's on a Mac.
  19. OS X Splash Theme: Use this splash theme to emulate the Mac's boot screen.
  20. How to: Make Your Ubuntu Desktop Look Like a Mac: Use this tutorial to learn how to skin Ubuntu to look like OS X Leopard.
  21. XMMS: This application will play MP3 files similar to MacAmp.
  22. Spotlight Emulator: Get the Mac's search functionality on Linux using this emulator.
  23. Compiz Fusion: Compiz Fusion can be used to create desktop effects like the Mac's.
  24. Making GNOME Look Like OS X: Transform the look of your GNOME desktop into Mac's OS X with this tutorial.
  25. iFox Theme for Firefox: Download this theme, and your Firefox will look like it's on a Mac.
  26. MacBuntu: Make your system look like OSX with this emulator.
  27. Panther Icons: Download this package, and you'll get around 1,400 Mac-emulating icons.
  28. Trillian: The Trillian IM program can be skinned to look like iChat.
  29. Linux Desktop Imitating OS X: This tutorial will walk you through desktop effects, docks, booting, and more.
  30. YzShadow: Get a drop shadow under your windows like Mac OS X by using this utility.
  31. PDF Creator: Macs can print to PDF at any time. Use PDF Creator to print anything to PDF just like you would on a printer.
  32. Apple Mail Theme for Thunderbird: Get Thunderbird to look like it's on a Mac with this theme.
  33. Mac-style Menubar: Check out this resource to find Mac-style menubars for Ubunto, Gentoo, and more.
  34. Turn Your PC into a Mac: Although geared towards Windows users, this guide is full of helpful information for Mac wannabes on Linux.

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