The YouTube Cheat Sheet: 25 Creative Ways to Integrate YouTube on Your Site

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The magic of YouTube is no longer a secret. Everyone from Scandinavian teenagers to Australian grandmothers are uploading and viewing off-the-wall videos of themselves rapping, skateboarding, singing, or doing parodies. If you’d like to join the YouTube craze, try integrating relevant videos onto your blog or Web site. Here are 25 creative ways to do it.

  1. YouTube Embed Code: Check out the official YouTube Web page for easy directions on embedding a video into your html coding. Option 2 shows you how to copy/paste the actual video player onto the site.
  2. Use the URL: Copy/paste the URL to the YouTube video page onto your site. Follow the link to for a more detailed explanation.
  3. Create a Video Playlist: The Beta Blogger for Dummies Web site has some great tips for putting YouTube video onto your site.
  4. Include as a Sidebar Element: The blog YouTube 4 You describes how to put a YouTube video in your blog by including it as a Sidebar item.
  5. Link your site to YouTube: Linda Roeder at shares with readers information on how to link up with YouTube directly. Once you set up the link in your account settings, it’ll remain there forever. Each time you add a new video to your site, “you can do it with just a few clicks.”
  6. Add a YouTube clip to your Wikispaces Wiki: Another great tip from, adding YouTUbe to your WikiSpaces Wiki allows you to supplement the content you’ve already published onto the site.
  7. Blog Video: The Silent Sakky Blog shows readers how to use the easy Blog Video link in order to integrate YouTube onto your site. Check out the reader comments for even more tips.
  8. Use YouTube on your MySpace page: The folks at have a step-by-step guide for putting YouTube clips onto your MySpace page.
  9. Flash Video: This article demonstrates how to convert YouTube videos to Flash Video, and then post them on your Web sites.
  10. Search the Tube: Sponsored by YouTube, this tool allows you to quickly “find videos for your website, blog or profile.”
  11. Overstream: Now you can add your own subtitles to the YouTube videos you put on your Web site.
  12. WordPress Related Videos Plug-in: Follow the instructions on this site to add the plug-in to your site.
  13. WordPress Widget for your Favorite Videos: Check out this tutorial to find out how to install a widget that will allow your site’s visitors to see your favorite YouTube videos.
  14. TubePress: An embedded video gallery keeps your videos organized without taking up too much room.
  15. MPEG4: This article on shows you how to save YouTube videos as AVI files, and then convert them to an MPEG4 format.
  16. Make your own video: Use YouTube to upload your own video in which you plug your business or reach out to clients.
  17. Video Downloader: Install this simple Firefox tool to easily download YouTube videos with just one click.
  18. FLVParser: If you’re only interested in posting a segment of a YouTube video, you can use the FLVParser to select the exact part you’re interested in.
  19. Viper’s Video Quicktags: This easy-to-use application allows you to efficiently add YouTube videos to your site.
  20. Badge Maker: This popular tool will notify your readers of the most recent videos you’ve put on your blog.
  21. Valid XHTML 1.0: Bernie Zimmerman explains how and why to embed your YouTube video in the XHTML format.
  22. Reverse Psychology: This clever article by Muhammad Saleem suggests posting a link to your Web site on your own YouTube video. The reverse trick will drive new traffic to your site, whether it’s a blog or a business profile.
  23. Upload the file from your Hard Drive: This article from suggests shows you how to save the YouTube video to your hard drive. Then, you can upload the file to your Web site.
  24. Exlusively for CS Blogs: This guide shows you how to integrate YouTube into your CS Blog.
  25. Make extra cash with YouTube on your site: These creative business tips show you how to make money from embedding YouTube videos into your Web site.

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