Top 100 Web Development Cheat Sheets

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CodingWith the vast array of web development knowledge available on the Internet, there’s certainly no shortage of cheat sheets to be found. However, finding a way to wrangle them all into one place isn’t quite as easy. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best cheat sheet collections out there.

That’s right: this is your newest cheat sheet for cheat sheeting your way to a better website.

Client Side

These cheat sheet lists cover information in CSS, HTML, and more.

  1. Action Script Cheat Sheet: Download cheat sheets for ActionScript here.
  2. Apollo Cheat Sheets: You’ll find cheaters for lots of different controls and events here.
  3. Ajax Cheat Sheets: Get guides from Amy Hoy, Microsoft, and more.
  4. Top 8 CSS Cheat Sheets: Find various levels of CSS cheat sheet with this resource.
  5. CSS References: Deitel lists references, including cheat sheets, for CSS here.
  6. CSS Cheat Sheets: Here you’ll find a shorthand guide, color chart, help sheet, and more.
  7. Cool CSS Cheat Sheets on the Web: This resource has compiled 5 really nice CSS cheat sheets.
  8. Cheat Sheets for CSS: Find a huge list of CSS cheat sheets on this page.
  9. Javascript Cheat Sheets: Get cheaters for Prototype, jQuery,, and more here.
  10. CSS Cheat Sheets: Learn about CSS basics, layouts, and more with these cheat sheets.
  11. HTML Cheat Sheets: Here you’ll find basic help sheets, microformats, and characters.
  12. Microsoft AJAX Library Cheat Sheets: Find a few Ajax cheat sheets here.

Motherboard / PixabayServer-Side

Here you’ll find gems for PHP, Python, and Ruby, to name a few.

  1. Ultimate Server-Side Web Development Cheat Sheets: This list focuses on server-side web development technologies like PHP, MySQL, and Ruby.
  2. .NET Cheat Sheet PDF: Find quick references, common events, and more here.
  3. Apache Cheat Sheets: In this list, you’ll find cheaters for .htaccess, mod_rewite, and more.
  4. Java Cheat Sheets: These reference sheets highlight Groovy, syntax, and more.
  5. VBScript Cheat Sheets: Get syntax, functions, collections, and lots more for ASP and VBScript.
  6. MySQL Reference Sites: Here you’ll find MySQL cheat sheets and more.
  7. Perl Cheat Sheets: On this list of cheat sheets, you’ll find useful references for variables, regular expressions, and string functions.
  8. Ruby on Rails Guides: In these books, you’ll find a collection of cheats covering everything from command lines to migration.
  9. $ command line ruby cheat sheets: Get access to lots of Ruby cheat sheets here.
  10. Ruby Cheat Sheets: In these Ruby cheaters, you’ll see highlights from Capistrano, TextMate, and more.
  11. PHP Cheat Sheets: On this list you’ll find template engine sheets, quick reference and more.
  12. Symfony2 Cheat Sheets: Find a number of helpful cheat sheets for symfony here.
  13. Python Cheat Sheets: These useful references cover general Python as well as Django.
  14. Dotnet Cheat Sheets: These cheat sheets have regular expressions, basics, and plenty more.
  15. .NET Cheat Sheets: Get .net cheat sheets and more with this resource.

WordPress / PixabayBlogging

Get quick access to all of the blogger tools you need with these lists.

  1. Blogging Cheatsheets for Blogger, TypePad, WordPress and Movable Type: Make sense of some of the most popular blogging platforms with these cheatsheets.
  2. WordPress Cheatsheets Summarized: Here you’ll find cheat sheets for administration, options, and more.
  3. Blog Cheat Sheets: Get references for templates, Expression Engine, and WordPress here.
  4. Cheat Sheets for CSS and HTML: These cheat sheets are designed for TypePad bloggers.

Notepad / PixabayGeneral

The vast majority of the great cheat sheet lists out there attempt to cover just about everything, so you can go big with this collection.

  1. Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet: Find cheat sheets from here.
  2. RefCards: Find Apache, CSS, Python, and more with RefCards.
  3. Ultimate Web Development Cheat Sheet Guide: Use this guide to get cheat sheets for just about everything out there.
  4. The 50 Most Popular Web Design Blog Posts, Resources & Cheat Sheets of 2007: Find cheat sheets and more in this resource.
  5. Our Favorite Cheat Sheets: Get some of the best cheat sheets out there through this list.
  6. IT Cheat Sheets: Check out this resource for links to more cheat sheet lists as well as cheat sheets for Mozilla products, Google, and more.
  7. The Developer Cheat Sheet Compilation: These cheat sheets cover databases, programming, and more.
  8. Stephen Flynn: Cheat Sheets: This resource offers a handful of useful cheat sheets.
  9. Microformats Cheat Sheets: On this site, you can find cheat sheets for microformats in wiki and PDF format
  10. Cheat Sheets & Assorter Others: Get a handle on HTML entities, PHP, and more with this list.
  11. Cheat Sheets: No Sheep has compiled a list of “Cliff Notes” for technology here.
  12. Wiimote Wiki: Here you’ll find cheat sheets for programming the Wii’s Wiimote.
  13. Cheatography Cheat Sheets: These cheat sheets are organised by tags for easy navigation.
  14. JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and More Cheat Sheets: Ajaxian offers a number of cheat sheets for HTML, JavaScript, CSS and more.
  15. Web Technology Cheat Sheets: This reference offers a handful of useful cheat sheets.
  16. Cisco Cheat Sheets: Cheat sheets for Cisco products, and a handy wall poster you can print.
  17. Design and Programming Cheat Sheets: Get some great quick reference guides here.
  18. VB/ C# Cheat Sheets: With this resource, you’ll find just about any cheat sheet you might need for VB or C#.
  19. Web Design Cheat Sheets: Check out these cheat sheets for usability and design.
  20. OverAPI: OverAPI collects cheat sheets for JS, jQuery, RegEx and more.
  21. The Big Cheat Sheet List: David Sanchez offers some favorites in JavaScript, PHP, and more.
  22. W3Schools: In addition to other learning tools, W3Schools provides reference sheets for languages including JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  23. Cheat Sheets: Utility for Web Designers and Developers: This resources covers a few cheat sheets for languages, blogging, and more.
  24. Inbound Marketing Cheat Sheets: On this site, you’ll find cheat sheets to learn the basics of inbound marketing for your site.
  25. Emmet Cheat Sheet: On this page, you’ll find cheat sheets for developing in the Emmet toolkit.
  26. A massive library of cheat sheets and quick reference guides.
  27. 250+ Tools and Resources for Coding the Web: In addition to lots of other great resources, you’ll find a number of cheat sheets and quick references in this piece.
  28. My Personal Collection of Cheat Sheets: This simple list points to HTML, CSS, and Google, to name a few.
  29. Bravenet Quick References: Bravenet offers a few quick reference sheets for popular web development functions.
  30. Cheat Sheet Round-Up: Get cheat sheets for CSS, LaTeX, and more here.
  31. GEGeek: Huge directory of cheat sheets from around the web.
  32. VisiBone: On this site, you’ll find cheat sheets for color, fonts, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and MySQL.
  33. 37+ Cheat Sheets: Grab these cheat sheets for your next web development project.
  34. RegEx Cheat Sheets: Dave Child has created some of the most popular cheat sheets on the web, and you can find his RegEx resources here.
  35. Cheat Sheets: The cheat sheets in this book are a little different than the rest, covering BlackBerry hardware, Groupon and even the Microsoft Kinect.
  36. Top 119 Cheat Sheets: Find cheat sheets for lots of popular web development topics here.
  37. I Heart Cheatsheets: Conding Horror takes a look at a number of different cheat sheets here.
  38.’s Favorite IT Cheat Sheets: These cheat sheets range from HTML to internet slang.
  39. Cheat Sheets for PHP, AJAX, LaTex, Ruby…: This list has cheat sheets for a number of programming languages.
  40. References!: Here you’ll find a number of references as well as links to other reference guides.
  41. Over 30 Cheatsheets for Developers: This roundup covers databases, languages, and more.
  42. Lifehacker Cheat Sheets: Find cheat sheets for web development and daily life at Lifehacker.
  43. : This site has it all, from Perl to eMacs.
  44. The Developer Cheat Sheet Compilation: This list covers Cold Fusion, CSS, and more.
  45. HTML, CSS, PHP, and More Cheat Sheets: These cheat sheets are ideal for developers who want to tweak WordPress.
  46. RegEx One-Page Cheat Sheet: Be sure to check out this handy one-page cheat sheet.
  47. Cheat Sheet Roundup: Get cheat sheets for Unix, JavaScript, and more here.
  48. Printable Cheat Sheets: These quick reference sheets cover desktop applications, Apple software and the cloud.
  49. Dave Child’s PHP Cheat Sheets: Get more useful cheat sheets from Dave Childs here.
  50. Cheat Sheets: Here, you’ll get cheat sheets for HTML entities, ASCII character codes, and even emoticons.
  51. Technacular Quick Reference Guides: This collection has CSS, Apache, and more.
  52. DevGuru Quick References: DevGuru shares some of their best quick references here.
  53. Programming Reference Sheets: This list links to cheat sheets for PHP, Visual Basic, and more.
  54. Basic HTML Cheat Sheet: This cheat sheet is designed for people new to blogging.
  55. Quick Reference Cards: This resource offers an excellent compilation of web development resources, categorized and commented upon.
  56. Excel Formulae Cheat Sheet: Quickly learn formulae with this cheat sheet.
  57. Stuff You Can Download: Amy Hoy lists some of her favorite cheat sheets here.
  58. Scribd Cheat Sheets: Scribd has a special section devoted just to cheat sheets. Paid and free documents are available.
  59. 100 Essential Resources for Web Developers: This list shares a number of cheat sheets as well as many other useful resources for web developers.
  60. Rails Cheat Sheet: Learn the basics of Rails here.
  61. Ultimate Web Designer Cheat Sheets: Get lots of quick references through these cheat sheets.
  62. Cheatsheets Galore!: Links to cheatsheets for both design and development.
  63. Know Your Shortcuts: Learn Mac keyboard shortcuts with this cheat sheet.

Google / PixabayOther

Find even more shortcuts with these cheat sheets.

  1. Google Cheat Sheets: Learn keyboard shortcuts, SEO, and references with the cheat sheets featured here.
  2. Yahoo! User Interface Library Cheatsheets: Here, you’ll get cheat sheets for YUI utilities, controls, and the YUI CSS foundation.
  3. Scrum cheat sheet: This list has cheat sheets for the Scrum Framework.
  4. Firefox Cheat Sheets: Get one page cheaters and brochures for Firefox and Thunderbird here.
  5. Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts: This reference lists cheat sheets for a number of different Photoshop versions.
  6. Search Engine Cheat Sheets: Learn how to become a power searcher with these cheat sheets.


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