Finding the Library You Need For Your Research

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Stuttgart Library / PixabayIf you’re studying for a paper, or teaching yourself more about a subject, the internet will only get you so far. Sooner or later, you’re going to need to visit a library to get more information about the topic at hand.

Libraries are sources of dependable information, as well as a place to focus on your work without the distraction of the internet. Your tutors have probably warned you not to rely on resources like Wikipedia, since they may be out of date and poorly compiled.

If you’ve chosen to base your research on data from real libraries, how do you find out which libraries have the information you need for your studies? Easy: use our library directory to hop quickly to the ones you need.

Visit the World’s Libraries Now

If you are searching for information on libraries, you can often find excellent information via Google. But in a sea of misinformation and broken links, you need to use the most efficient methods possible to get to each one. Google search can easily lead to procrastination, too, and that’s one productivity killer you need to avoid.

We’ve collected the world’s most well-respected libraries in a directory which you can browse via the links below. The index is compact, but the data we have on offer is massive.

Read on to find out more about how we’ve selected and organized the links.

Explore our Library Directory

Library of Congress / PixabayStudyweb’s library directory includes links to libraries all over the world, across every continent and hundreds of countries. We’ve focused on the USA, since that’s where a lot of our readers are based, but we’ve also included vital libraries elsewhere in the world.

We have listings for academic, public, national, state, regional, and special libraries, so our directory can support practically any research you’re undertaking. All libraries are categorized by country, except the American library list, which is split by library type.

Using our links, you can jump quickly to each library, then search a wide range of electronic resources to assist you with your studies. Going direct will save a lot of time, getting you to the information you need as quickly as possible.

The Starting Point to Begin Your Research

Before you get started with library research, open each of the links below in a new tab. Use CTRL+F to search through each page for the first few letters of each library. This is a much quicker way of getting to information, compared to Google searches, and it makes it easy to jump between different library websites.

Make sure you bookmark this page, too; it will give you an easy way to get back to the list when you need to pick up your work.

United States Libraries

Libraries in the Rest of the World