The Outrageous Costs of Data Center Downtime

As the Internet has extended its reach into all aspects of our lives, we’re more dependent on it than ever before. As of 2012, the average U.S. consumer spends more than six hours a day online. As speeds increase, we use more data-heavy applications like games and media streamers, and this is reliance on connectivity will only grow.

A few years ago, it was considered shocking that consumers would rack up over seven hours of streaming video each day by 2020. Now, it seems like we will reach that milestone sooner. In fact, with the advent of wearable technology, it seems like we’re constantly connected, since we tend to receive notifications 24/7.

Why data centres matter

With so much data flowing around the world, data center downtime can wreak havoc. Downtime is now more than a minor irritation; it could be a potentially catastrophic event for companies and consumers.

When went dark for approximately 49 minutes in January of 2013, it cost the company an estimated $4 million or more in lost sales. Another outage in August of the same year lasted only 30 minutes, but still cost the Internet giant an estimated $66,240 in lost revenue every single minute. While your company might not lose quite as much during a data center outage, every second your site is down is definitely a potentially disastrous one for you and your relationship with your customers.

IT professionals are constantly working to prevent downtime, improving failover provision and moving systems to cloud technology. But there will always be threats from natural disasters, and hacking is still a risk, despite our best efforts to secure our data.

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