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What does <menu> do?
The <menu> element defines an instance of a menu. This experimental HTML feature has very limited browser support, but may soon be an effective way to add menu items to context menus and to create interactive web application menus.
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Building Menu Options

The <menu> element defines a menu. It's designed to help you build pop-up menus using HTML, and is a new element in the HTML 5 specification.

<menu type="context" id="navmenu">
<menuitem label="Home" icon="ico_house.png" onclick="window.open('//index.php?u='+window.location.href);">

Implementation in Modern Browsers

The majority of browsers don't support <menu> in any form. Only Firefox will render it correctly, and it can only be used where the type attribute of <menu> is set to context. As such, it's marked Not Implemented since no browser fully supports it.

Browser Support for menu

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