<select size=””>

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Attribute of
<select> HTML Tag
What does <select size=""> do?
Specifies the size of a select item.

Code Example

<p><strong>Select your favorite species of flamingo.</strong></p>

<select size="6">
          <option value="American">American flamingo</option>
          <option value="Andean">Andean flamingo</option>
          <option value="Chilean">Chilean flamingo</option>
          <option value="Greater">Greater flamingo</option>
          <option value="James's">James's flamingo</option>
          <option value="Lesser">Lesser flamingo</option>

Select your favorite species of flamingo.

Multiple List Selections

Setting the size of a selection list lets you display multiple options at the same time. This can save scrolling, and encourage the user to make multiple selections (if multiple is specified). The value of size is the number of selection rows you would like to display.

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