<select disabled>

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Attribute of
<select> HTML Tag
What does <select disabled> do?
Disables a drop-down list.

Code Example

<p><strong>Select your favorite species of flamingo.</strong></p>

<select disabled>
     <optgroup label="Favorites A-C">
          <option value="American">American flamingo</option>
          <option value="Andean">Andean flamingo</option>
          <option value="Chilean">Chilean flamingo</option>
     <optgroup label="Favorites G-L">
          <option value="Greater">Greater flamingo</option>
          <option value="James's">James's flamingo</option>
          <option value="Lesser">Lesser flamingo</option>

Select your favorite species of flamingo.

Intended Usage

disabled lets you deactivate an entire drop-down list, so that it appears on-screen but cannot be clicked on. Normally, a browser will gray out the list until JavaScript triggers its activation.

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