Deprecated in HTML5. Do not use.

<li type="">

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Attribute of
<li> HTML Tag
What does <li type=""> do?
Specifies the bullet or numbering style for an individual list item.

Code Example

 <li>Bullet types I like
    <li type="disc">Discs</li>
    <li type="circle">Circles</li>
    <li type="square">Squares</li>
  <li>Bullet types I don't like
    <li type="I">Roman Numerals</li>
    <li type="i">Lowercase Roman Numerals</li>
  • Bullet types I like
    • Discs
    • Circles
    • Squares
  • Bullet types I don't like
    1. Roman Numerals
    2. Lowercase Roman Numerals

Deprecated, but still works

Though you should not rely on it, the type attribute continues to work in most browsers. Typically you would want to control list item styling with CSS, but you can use the type attribute for relatively trivial changes that override the style of the list as a whole. You should not, however, count on this feature.

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