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  • Top 50 Web Hosting Blogs

    Web hosting is a high-paced and rapidly changing industry. Professionals involved in Web hosting are often left looking for the latest news and developments in order to stay up with (or ahead of) the competition. After sifting through the numerous squatters who have pitched hollow tents along the Highway, we selected the Top 50 blogs (listed in no particular order) that serve Web hosting professionals with useful tools, advice, and news.
  • Green Hosting: 11 Carbon Neutral Hosting Alternatives

    Many individuals and business are doing their part to help the environment by using more energy efficient electronics, printing less, and recycling more. Yet it's hard to be truly environmentally friendly when your web servers are emitting CO2 around the clock to keep your website up and running. In this article, however, we highlight a few hosting companies that have taken the pledge to go green.